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Rate the episodes so far

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For me top being best


To be determinded
Season 2
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  • No need to rate the episodes individually. This game gets an immediate 10/10 from me, somebody who grew up on adventure games, and never thought they would advance this far and in this way.
  • In the end it is one game in my eyes, a game that deserves a solid 9 out of 10.

    Job really well done... no matter what is to come. They just can't fuck it up anymore (and that's anymore, not any more) ;)
  • Order from best to worst: 2, 4, 3, 1.

    2 had the greatest amount of shock factor because of the St Johns. Also it had an epic ending with Lee leaving the St Johns in tattered ruins while it was raining heavily.

    4 comes 2nd best as I got to break Ben's spirit and legs then feed him as zombie fodder. I also liked 4 for the cliffhanger.

    3 in 3rd place since I got to kill Duck but unfortunately there was no option to stomp his face in with my boot like I had done so to the young boy in ep 4.

    1 was meh... Honestly, if I hadn't played 2 and I bought the game when only 1 was around, I would never have continued playing. 2 was where things really started to pick up.
  • I liked 2 the most.

    None of them deserves to be called "the worst" though.
  • Eek! I don't know how I'd rank them in order, they're all so good, 10 stars! But I guess it'd be 3, 2, 1, 4.. or 3, 2, 4, 1?? idk 4 and 1 are tied in my heart I think. 3 was really intense and emotional, so it's my top favorite so far for sure :D
  • The second episode was the best all around, though EP 4 had some welcome arcade type gameplay options that were fun. I was far more affected by what happened in EP2 than in either 3 or 4. I guess it was the total nihilism present in that episode and that the (SPOILERS) that happened in 3 and 4 were somewhat predictable.
  • ----V Best
    Episode 4
    Probably Episode 5:confused:
    Episode 3
    Episode 1
    Episode 2
    ----^ Worst
  • I'd say:

    But I might be biased from playing the latter ones more recently. I've got to play through all of them again before playing ep5 though as I somehow messed up when trying to create a new game and deleted my progress. :(
  • Ep 2 > Ep 4 > Ep 1 > Ep 3

    Episode 3 wasn't bad, it just could've used more difficult decisions and such.
  • 1. Two
    2. Four
    3. Three
    4. One
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