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IOS 5: iphone 4: episode 1 issue: Doug or Carly: purse not interractable

posted by Skippybench on - last edited - Viewed by 360 users
Hi. Go through chapter double tapping wiout issue. Replayed this checkpoint multiple times. Dot shows im selecting the purse. Double tap at a number of different speeds does not pay off.
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  • More details. I tried selecting different parts of screen with same results. I also had a similar issue in herschels farm duck or shawn, were no matter what i clicked for shawn my guy would still be pulling on shawn. Upgraded phone to ios 6. Tried same tactics again on doug or carly. Same problem.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Please try rewinding 2 checkpoints and replaying to this point in the game. You can also try shutting down the game application and then the device, and then try loading your last save point to see if that fixes it.
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