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Has TellTale single handidly revolutionized video game narrative's as we know it?

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I think yes.

This might just be our "citizen kane" in terms of video game importance and a template of how to create video game narrative and story development.

Hell, I wouldn't even be surprised if the walking dead becomes the focus towards college lectures as well.

bravo tell tale!
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  • Yes I think so too I absolutely love it. Is there any other games like this and Heavy Rain?
  • I vote yes but they can always improve it, like make choice more important. I know it is a common critique of the game but still...

    PS: they didn't revolutionized it, but improved it.
  • Technically, they just raised our expectations. The industry is different, and driven by the bottom line. It's the money, Lebowski. Who knows if this will impact the way new games are made.
  • I definitely believe developers will focus more on story from now on. And more mature themes. I also think we will see more shorter games. TWD is not the sole contributor to this though. Journey is a great example of a shorter game with more mature themes that broke through big time. They also handled story very well despite of any dialogue.
    The episodic style of TWD is actually great for gaming. There is no place for long, filler moments while you still get the connection to characters that only a long investment gives.

    I think a common problem with game storytelling is that the writers isn't as highly regarded in that medium. I've read a lot of writers being forced to tell a story through a fixed set of game mechanics, places or whatever.

    Hopefully games will be a writer's medium.
  • Kind of. Heavy rain FTW
  • No. This game was just an interactive story. There was nothing revolutionary about it. However, the storytelling was revolutionary and top-notch.
  • TellTale has definitely rose the bar for itself and any other future devs.

    Good job TellTale :D
  • This games story has been the best I've seen in most, if not in all games (and in my opinion, better than what some movies or even books can achieve). It certainty has raised the bar in that aspect.
  • You can't really give The Walking Dead game the credit. I think Heavy Rain was one of the first to emphasize player choice and emotional story telling. The Mass Effect games expanded greatly on that, and had countless choices that change the story. The Walking Dead did the same. But I definitely give TellTale credit for making such a great game. Also, looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls. It's the upcoming game made by the same studio that did Heavy Rain. Their emphasis is on emotional storytelling and player choice, so I know it'll be good.
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