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I decided to open a thread for any of the PS3 gamers who want to talk about it without spoiling for others. again, SPOILERS!
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  • GameGal;726229 said:
    But yeah.The episode was good but could've been better in my opinion.Please don't anyone kill
    Aw, we wouldn't do that!

    You'd just come back as a walker...
  • Nathanial;726202 said:
    I chopped off Lee's arm.

    if Ken saves Christa, is his fate not so.. ambiguous? I know he IS dead but... I was in denial because I'm one of those "if I don't see the body then I won't believe they are dead" type of people.

    Also, that twist with campman.. made my jaw literally drop.
    What happens if you didn't take the supplies from the car?
    He still blames you need because it was your people who took the supplies.
  • Campman really reminded me of the Governor in some ways.

    Spoilers if you haven't read the comics...

    Like with Penny. If you've read Rise of the Governor, you'd realize he isn't evil, he's just.. severely mentally disturbed after all the shit he went through. So that's the light I saw campman in. Though, he needed to die... I'm so proud of Clemmy for poppin' him. Though I felt bad at the same time, that she had to do that.
  • Just finished it.

    It wasn't what I was expecting. I was expecting Campman would tell me to do something, and I'd have to fight my way across town to get to him (to be honest, I had absolutely no idea what his motivation could have been). But then he said, "it's a rescue," and I thought, how the hell am I going to find him? Does he really mean it?

    I chose to go it alone, but we were reunited again pretty quick. I didn't chop off my arm, because I believed the infection had already spread too far. Huge decision though.

    I was shocked when Kenny stayed behind. I wanted to save Ben, but I knew it wasn't going to happen. I hope Kenny survived, and I'm sad Ben didn't really get a chance to prove himself.

    I almost thought Campman was sane until he started talking to his wife. Euch.

    Teared up at the end, but I wasn't as heartbroken as I thought I would be. Sad I didn't get to tell Clem I loved her.

    And what was with the epilogue scene? I'll be interested to know just how different it can be, depending on your choices.

    Overall the episode was good, but it felt a little short, and it was nothing like I was expecting (not that that is a bad thing). I'm glad I was able to save Clem.
  • How the FUCK couldn't Kenny take out the cancer survivors!?! They're all 50 and up! That was out of character for both him and Vernon! Vernon wasn't a guy that would steal a boat and potentially KILL a group of 6!
    Putting that aside I REALLY liked the episode. Really well done and well performed. Also, how in the hell did Clem pull Lee to that store?!
  • Loved it! Wept like a little baby. Watching Clem hold the door knob hoping Lee won't die was just gut wrenching!

    Also, I don't know how many others have read the comic books but in the epilogue doesn't the scenery, the hillside, and the two people standing on top of the hill remind you of a certain moment where Rick finds out about the towns? Couldn't help wondering if Clem ends up finding a home.
  • I thought this was an amazing episode. still have to decide if it is my favorite. (2 & 4 are tied. ) It was short, but really got the message through. this one focused on wrapping up characters stories.
  • BlankCanvasDJ;726237 said:
    Aw, we wouldn't do that!

    You'd just come back as a walker...
    :eek: Does that mean we're all infected?Will I be the one to start it all?
  • TWDfan1199;726156 said:
    I forgot the blonde hair girl's name, but wasn't she confirmed to being in episode 5?
    Only by people who don't know what they're talking about.
  • That1Guy;726245 said:
    Also, how in the hell did Clem pull Lee to that store?!

    Same question... no walkers noticed???? hard to believe :S
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