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Well that sucked ! I thought Lee might actualy make it after he lost the arm .. But then he goes and gets shot! Dang talk about getting your hopes up. There was no way to tell I guess , he passed out in the sewers so I think he was on his way to zombifaction any way. But I just was holding out for an ending in wich he lived. So effen' sad! The last scene got to me !! very view times (if ever) was I so moved by a video game . One complaint .. When Lee was about to to Clem Somthing and then said not to worry about it I think he was going to tell her he loved her. I guess he held back because he didn't want her hurting any more then she already was. I think i would have liked that as a choice in his final words to her . O.k. End of complaint ...WOW! ......What a great game ! I wonder how long we will have to wait for season 2 . Is there going to be a season ? These point and click style adventure games never really did it for me but I guess if you have the right content a game will stand head and shoulders obove the rest.
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