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Ok, I just finished Episode 5 about 5 minutes ago and .. wow.

Okay, so the episode begins right where episode 4 left off and Lee will say whatever you chose him to say. The radioman (he never gets a name, so lets just keep calling him radioman) says: "This isn't a kidnapping. It's a rescue".

Walkers will fill the morgue and Kenny slams the door shut. You have to look for a way out, and Lee starts to get the elevator open. He collapses and when he wakes up, the group is about to chop off his arm. You have a choice: let them, or keep it. I chose to keep it, but either way, not much will change (you will die at the end no matter what).

We get to the roof of the hospital and we learn Savannah is completely overrun. Lee has to ring the church bell in order to attract the walkers, and once you do this the group heads back to the house and the boat is gone.

There is a note in the shed from Vernon, where he explains he took the boat, it is a golden opportunity for him and his group, and he feels so bad about it. Kenny and Ben get into a fight and Ben CUSSES Kenny and after this, Kenny begins to forgive Ben and feels bad for him.

The group heads inside the house and the walkers start to break in. You get to give everyone orders on what to do but it really doesn't matter because no matter what you do, everyone gets cornered and runs out of bullets and they get trapped in the attic. The group realizes one of the walls is very weak and start to work on breaking it down so they can make it to the mansion across. Clementine also quickly comes on the radio and says "Marsh House" so Lee knows where she is. Once you make it to the mansion across, you find a dead couple... not much to do here, and then the group tries to cross to another roof via the balcony. Everyone makes it, but when Ben is about to jump, the balcony breaks and Ben falls.

Kenny and Lee head down to save Ben (Kenny goes running first before anyone else) and Ben is IMPALED through the stomach and his legs are crushed. The walkers start to come and Kenny tells Lee to go.

You have the choice to stay or go, but no matter what you do, Kenny will lock the gate trapping himself and Ben with the walkers. Kenny uses his LAST bullet to shoot Ben. Kenny is killed (off-screen).

Lee, Christa, and Omid are about to cross to the next roof top, when the sign Lee is using to cross breaks and he is separated from Omid and Christa. I told them to look after Clementine, but this is the last time we see them.

Sidenote: There is a scene in the trailer where Christa wakes up in a dark room with someone / something else. This never happened for me? Was it just a random scene they came up with?

Anyways, Lee doesn't care about getting bit again and he jumps into the horde of walkers and begins to head to the Marsh house. This is definitely the biggest walker fight in the game, but also the easiest (the fight with Sandra in episode 1 was harder than this). You get into the Marsh House and find a room. Inside, Clementine is locked in a closet and radioman comes behind you with a gun.

There are multiple choices you can make but they will most likely have the same consequences.

So, the car at the end of episode 2 with the stuff inside belonged to this person. He was mad and wanted revenge because he lost his son when they went hunting, and then he lost all their supplies. His wife and daughter left him and they died. He wanted revenge.

Clementine sneaks out of the room, and KICKS ASS! You can make Lee look at a weapon in the room and Clementine will sneak up behind radioman and attack him. I looked at a bottle, and she went behind him and hit him.

Lee and radioman start fighting, and radioman was on top of Lee during a QTE when all of a sudden... CLEM SHOT HIM! It is possible to kill him yourself but you have to do very well in the QTE. If you mess up, Clem will shoot him.

Lee and Clem are reunited, and find a walker in the Marsh house. After killing it, Lee cuts it open and smears blood all over Clementine. This is because the walkers did not attack Lee because he was covered with blood.

Lee and Clem walk through the horde, when all of a sudden, Clem spots her parents... they are walkers... she is horrified, and Lee collapses again. She rescues him by locking themselves inside a warehouse.

Lee explains to Clem he is bit and he needs to be shot. You sit there unable to move (just like Duck) and tell Clem what she needs to do to escape. Clem is attacked by a walker and you help her one last time, and she gets the gun, her and Lee say bye to each other, and she shoots him.

Yeah, as soon as she shoots him the screen goes blank. So we have no idea what happens to Christa and Omid.

After the credits, a small scene plays showing Clem walking through the country side (during Lee's last words, I told Clem to stay away from cities and it said "Clementine will remember that"). She seems to be doing very well considering she made it out of Savannah alive. She has the gun with her, sits down, and rests.

In the distance we see two figures walking on a hill, the camera zooms in on Clem's face and she looks really shocked, and the game ends.

I have a FEELING that those two figures were not walkers, but instead, Omid and Christa. Because Christa wanted to go to the countryside and I told her that is a good idea.

So yeah.. that's it! The episode was very good, obviously I knew Clem was going to have to shoot Lee. I liked how radioman was explained, and the conversation with him made me think back and question all the decisions I made: (his words) "You stabbed a man with a pitchfork in front of Clementine!" (Danny) "You left a defenseless woman out on the road!" (Lilly)

The episode is VERY short, I finished it in about an hour. It is definitely the shortest episode, I would say it is half the length of episode 4. Maybe a bit shorter than episode 1.

I guess one thing I really need after this episode is closure. What happens to Omid and Christa? The last time we see them is on the roof and thats it. I just hope Clementine is safe, at the end of the episode it looked like she was able to take care of herself and the countryside was pretty empty.

I am happy they gave us the choice to cut Lee's arm off considering so many people on the boards wanted to. The ending is indeed very tragic... but it is a ZA afterall.
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