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Did you ****?

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Did you cut off Lee's arm?

Well did you or did you walk away ?
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  • BlankCanvasDJ;726516 said:
    Thank you, Jennifer!

    Also, I cut it off. Not doing it was a 100% chance of death. Doing it at least gave you a slim chance.
    I felt bad when I chose this route (I've done both). I died as a man, cuffed to a radiator, with one arm. I couldn't even hug Clemmy, should I have been given the option. :/
  • I left Lee's arm on.

    I figured that they'd waited too long to stop the infection from spreading to the rest of his body, and losing an arm (plus the heavy blood loss that follows) would render him much more useless during the rescue mission.

    To me, it basically seemed to be a choice between prioritising Lee's survival (by amputating) or Clem's (by keeping both arms). That seemed to be an easy choice for me.
  • I cut his arm off. If it was reality I'd never make that choice for anyone since I think the chance of survival should be close to zero. But since doing something like that seems to be common practice in Zombie stories I did it. To me it wasn't about Lee surviving, but about Lee surviving longer to actually reach Clementine and save her for the last time. Of course the infection is still there, but since Lee mentioned something about "fighting whatever's in him" when Duck was bitten I thought it would be best to cut off the source of the infection. Especially since Lee already passed out before that.
  • I cut it off, and I also 'tried' to choke the stranger out instead of killing him, sadly TTG did not anticipate that course of actions, and as such I choked him to death...
  • I don't know why the brain plays such odd tricks, but in episode 4 when I saw the bite I knew in the end if given the chance I want to shoot myself and not turn into one of 'them' but when it came to it, my mind suddenly changed...I didn't want Clementine to have to be the one to shoot me, put that blood on her hands. So I guess Lee turned because I made Clem leave me T_T Augh I'm still so sad even thinking about the ending!
  • I cut it off. I wasn't planning on it but I was shocked at how quickly he was losing consciousness and figured if I had to buy myself some time. I probably wouldn't have done it if we weren't in a hospital.
  • I chopped it off hoping to atleast do something to slow the infection down or something.
  • No. Lee was done for anyway and I thought that two hands would come handy ;D
  • I cut it since there might be a chance of survival, obviously not though.
  • Well, my thought process were something in the manner of:
    "I know that chopping the arm off at this time is late for removing the infection so I should just walk away... going trough the zombie apocalypse with one arm would be cool... it should still be a valid option since many will likely go for it... shouldn't stop me from saving Clem... CHOP IT"
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