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XBLA Walking Dead Episode 5 is Broken

posted by neobluereaper on - last edited - Viewed by 405 users
About 30 minutes in everything starts repeating. Then tons of animation faults. And now is basically unplayable.

Such as:

Omid sitting down then starts spinning
Choices only lasting for a split second
Overlapping chat


When you load your save it puts you back to EPISODE 1!!!
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  • None of that happened for me.
  • same here man idk what to do
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are looking into the issue of Episode 1 starting when loading your save. We hope to have a patch for this issue soon. In the meantime, you may be able to correct this by loading your save, and then selecting the last Episode you played (Episode 5) and then during the previously on, pause your game and return to the Main Menu. Load your save, and it should auto-scroll to Episode 5 and display 'Continue'. Continuing should return you to your last checkpoint. Alternatively, you should be able to access this checkpoint through the rewind menu, so please check this first by loading your save, scrolling to Episode 5 and selecting Rewind.
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