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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(
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  • I cried when Kenny sacrificed himself for Ben, and during Lee's final conversation with Clem. Oh, can't forget the credits too.
  • I was pretty much crying right from when Ben stood up to Kenny after the boat got stolen, all the way to when Lee gets Clementine, I was in floods of tears in the last chapter. Then the credits happened and I started bawling.

    Still just randomly bursting into tears every now and again.

    This game should come with a therapy session afterwards.
  • I just,right now,5 mins ago,finished the fifth episode.And I admit,I cried. :( Man that ending.
  • My decision was for Clem to leave Lee handcuffed and save the bullet. The last bit before the credits was a shot of Lee dying and slumping against the radiator. And once the credits started rolling, THAT was the moment that made me cry because I realized Lee would never know whether Clem made it out of the city. And Clem would be all alone from that point. That was the saddest moment for me. Then there was the epilogue, and at least I knew she got out of the city.
  • I predicted that Clem would eventually be put in a position where she would have to shoot and kill Lee. Guessed it, and even typed about it before Episode 3 was out (hurray for not being sad enough to boast about it in a new thread).

    I could feel my eyes welling up in the final scene. Just after Clem helped me along near to the door. I felt that teaching Clem about your puzzle solving detracted from it a bit. Would've been nice to see how well we'd already taught her instead.

    After she'd bashed the officers head in, it started to get emotional again. Held it together until the end. I was even talking to the screen, telling Clem not to shy out of pulling that trigger. About 10 seconds into the credits and I had some tears coming down my face.

    Most games that play on emotions are lucky if they even get my eyes watering. I shed maybe 5 or 6 tears.

    Now this is one piece of gaming media that I think the family might enjoy trying.
  • I had a lump in my throat and i was really sad but i didnt cry but if i did i wouldn't be ashamed
  • I didn't cry. But almost
  • I was baulling my eyes out
  • I didn't cry. But, I feel so empty and lost. God... =(
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