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[The Walking Dead bug] didn't get achievement

posted by dasba3r on - last edited - Viewed by 1.3K users
I didn't get the last achievement in steam even though I played trough the game.
And the last two chapters are both "chapter 7".
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  • I didn't get the very last achievement. I'm not bothered about it, it's just an achievement...
  • Same here. I played through the whole game and only have the "Stay close to me" achievement. Not a big deal, but...
  • I didn't get the what remains achievement and i played from ep 1 all the way to epilogue scene and didn't get it it actually kind of bothers me because its the only one i don't have and i should have it. i don't want to play through it again because i feel like it would lessen the experience of the whole thing
  • Hah, same here. That bugged me a lil bit, but since I stayed all the way through the credits and waited for the game to go back to the main menu,I don't really care about that.
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    ArthurV Telltale Staff
    We're aware of the achievement issue for Steam and working on a fix right now. Thanks for your report. :-)
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