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So god dam*** emotion :(

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First of all let me just say tht this was probably the best game that i hve ever played, eing able to control really made me feel like i was apart of the game which coincidentally led me into getting to damned into it.
Every episode i was on the edge of my seat heart racing or tears comming out of my face, i cared about what happened and i feelt that i was living it, whicj brings me to the end of episode 5.....
I thought we were going to be able to get out of town and be safe, but then i passed out, i was on the edge of my seat every point after, then when lee couldnt get up i was getting tears, but then came the time, the time had come, for me to go, i keept saying "no lee no, dont die you cant die" with tears comming out of my face, then when he had her pull the gun up, and the last words came out of lees mouth. "No lee it cant be, dont die on me" i keept saying, then she pulled the gun up.... Aimed it.... And boom....
I was so damned emotional, i was balling and probably ended up on the floor crying, i cried when i read the parts about who i meet and how i interacted, i chuckled when i saw duck as my sidekick, i miss my robin. But then the cut scene came and i feelt hope.
The end was the most emotional ending of a game that i have ever played, thank you telltale, i cant wait for season 2!
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