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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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  • First three episodes were really good. I feel like they dropped the ball with episodes 4 and 5. 6/10
  • God. Just got done crying after the end. I loved episode 5! Telltale sent out our favorite characters with a bang. Loved the ending song, too.

    As for the entire game, it's definitely a great piece of story-telling. I loved the choices that you had to made, and reactions to those choices. Most of all, I loved the characters. Definitely a 10/10.
  • Am i the only of super disappointed how short this episode was?
  • Just finished Episode 5 and I am stunned!
    Wow, I mean, this game is really incredible. Usually, I don´t do this, but I´ll give it a 10/10 and if this doesn´t get any "Game of the year" Awards, than I don´t know...

    Never played a game which is so emotional towards the end. I have to be honest, I was almost in tears, too...

    Congrats TT, you totaly nailed it with this game! (besides that whole, let´s call it "we release it every month story" and communication in general, but lets not get into that now).

    If you ask me, this is now one of my all time favorite games and for that I applaud and congratulate you.

    Thank you Telltale, I am looking forward to play and experience Season 2 ;)
  • Wow. Just wow.

    Oh and fuck!
  • I was soo impressed by Kenny.He was such a good guy...And I felt really sorry for Ben..He so reminds me of my older brother...I was just crying when he told Kenny about his family,as I could relate..Also,Poor Clem..
  • Maybe my hopes were too high, but I found episode 5 to be a disappointment. It seems like several pages of narrative got cut, leaving us with bits and pieces of story and decisions that don't matter. I'm not even talking about ambiguous stuff. I mean, I hated the epilogue, but I at least understand what they were going for when they wrote it, but it's the gaps in the story that I don't like.

    - The whole "who comes with you" thing at the end of chapter 4 was pointless - 10 minutes later we're all back together again and everyone's as loyal as ever.
    - Shouting orders to the whole group. "Oh man, this is going to be so cool! I'm making tactical decisions!" *two seconds later* "Everyone to the front door!"
    - Everyone knew Christa was pregnant without ever talking about it. Yes, it was obvious, but there was no 'reaction' - Lee said, "you're carrying for two" and Christa was like just, "Whatever." Why the ambiguity?
    - Campman was a rubbish villain. Completely underwhelming and nonsensical. "I'm not crazy...but I hate you for every difficult decision you've had to make, regardless of what you chose".
    - Would have been nice to have seen what happened to Vernon's group, even fleetingy, from a distance. Would the boat have worked? Probably not, but they just disappeared. Couldn't we have spotted them sailing away/getting attacked from our position on the rooftops? In fact, the whole, "the surviving cancer patients that HATED the way Crawford ran things coming back and beating up people and stealing their boat" thing felt out of place.
    - Clem dragging Lee away from a group of walkers? No.
    - Lee collapsing several times during the episode was frustrating. I've never seen a person react to a zombie bite THAT badly. Sure, you get weaker and stuff, but...random bouts of sudden unconsciousness? Skeptical.
    - The very last moment before the credits. I'm not saying I want to know every single detail, but Clem manages to avoid the walkers and get into the Did she meet with O+C by the train? Did she meet all? That's not ambiguity, it's just vague for the intention of being vague and thus, unsatisfying. She escaped, but I have absolutely no idea how. There's no closure to this story. No "everyone died", or "I saved the day", or even, "the future is uncertain, but we did our best". No, in my story, Lee dies and then Clem magically teleports to the countryside.

    In fact, the entire episode seemed to be devoid of emotion, to me. B+K's deaths, the 'reveal' of the bite to Clementine, Clem's reaction to seeing her dead parents. Even when you rescue Clem from Campman, she's just like, "oh hai, Lee" *shrug*. Things just happen and everyone instantly moves on. I wanted to find the ending sad, but I just couldn't. It didn't feel like the right moment. As with everything else, it was a little unsatisfying. "I wasn't able to save you...but goodbye anyway." *credits*

    IMO, they shouldn't have gone for the 'to be continued' ending. That makes things way too complicated. This should have been an enclosed story. Lee's Redemption - the chance to protect a little girl from the zombie apocalypse. In the end, it happened, but I have no idea how.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not WHAT happened that I'm complaining about, but HOW it happened. Lee can still die. Clem can still be alone (if she's alone. I'm still not sure). Just...without the huge gaps and the rushed bits.

    As I said, maybe I expected too much. The high review scores and the reactions on Twitter whetted my appetite, but it didn't live up to the hype. It was an 'OK' chapter when I was desperate for it to be a masterpiece.

    On a final note, the game would probably get a higher rating if it wasn't for the technical issues suffered during every single chapter. Sorry, but those problems are too critical and too widespread to give the game a 10 or a 9. The amount of times I've had to delve into my game files and manually try and fix my saves is...absurd. Unfortunately, that means the game as a whole gets a 6/10. A decent idea, a good story with occasional unsatisfying elements, but hampered by technical problems and lengthy waits between chapters. Worth a play? Absolutely. A masterpiece? Unfortunately not.
  • Games like the walking dead are art for our generation. Amazing, enthralling, emotional. I hate the idea of having to wait for season 2. I went into 5 like, 'I'm tough, I can take it'... and found myself at the end drained, and holding back tears. Can't say enough about the writers and designers of this game.
    Game of the Year
    Thanks so much.
  • From the time that the first episode came out to the finale, the game gave my life meaning. Now that it is over I don't know what to do, I may have to sit and cry until the day I die. Game of the fuc*ing year!
  • I soo hate when forum eat my post after spending 40 mins to write it, damn !

    Ok so i go short.

    Episode 5 disappointed me.

    After Ep 3 i was little worried because all characters i liked and cared about were either death or gone, and the story is going to suffer from that. Unfortunately i was right.

    Episode 5 feels so rushed.

    The "big" moments happens too fast and there is no enough music.

    I was hoping that Lilly or Molly may shows up but no, no surprise here.

    Also i was expecting that i will get a "full" story and season 2 will start with something new but no, it ended up with cliffhanger like a crappy american tv shows that i don't like.

    I thought i am going to write over here that this is the best game i played this year and one of the best games i played ever,but after the ending i feel a bit disappointed.

    Anyway, at the end of the day THANKS TELLTALE I HAD FUN
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