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We'll likely all be guessing right up until the second Telltale reveals/doesn't reveal the answer, but what way did you guys interpret the epilogue after the credits?

I've seen a few people think it's Christa and Omid, however I doubt this for several reasons.

1. Plausibility: I told Clem to meet Christa and Omid out of town, by the train. The epilogue does not take place here, but in a seemingly deserted field. The chances of Clem randomly encountering Christa and Omid in a location that wasn't specified to either party seems unlikely.

2. The look of horror on Clementine's face. Why would she have reacted that way had she thought it was Christa and Omid?

3. The shotgun casings. This may not necessarily be a clue as to who these people are/where Clementine is, but they seemed important. Thoughts are welcome on this also.

I personally think the two characters in the distance will be the two characters Telltale picks up with in Season Two. I think they will be two characters that we have not yet met, and they will stumble across a young, terrified girl at the beginning of next season.

What do you guys think?
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