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Hardest Choice? (Pollo)

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For me, it definitely has to be whether to chop off Lee's arm or not. I chopped it off, almost letting the timer run out before I made a decision.

What has been the hardest choice for you in the entire game?
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  • Weather to pull Ben up or not, was the hardest choice for me cause I had such mixed feelings about him. But it was a close one.
  • Stealing from the car. Although luls no matter what I did Campman would still hate me for it.
  • Doug or Carley because it was such an annoying thing! I liked them both and although I could see it coming, it was tough and I almost didn't pick either because I was stumped. Killing Larry was a close second because it was cruel but Larry really was an arse. 3rd is chopping off Lee's arm: I didn't do it but it was a hard decision none the less. By the way put spoilers in the title!:(
  • Leaving Lily behind. Really tough one. I loved Carley, but ultimately, I couldn't force myself to leave Lily behind. I figured it wasn't the right time or place. My plan was to deal with her the next morning (where I probably would have abandoned her). Whoops.
  • Shooting duck or not, I mean you can't do that to a kids father, but killing his son to save him grief... it was the hardest choice.
  • Mine was whether to help kill Larry or not. I chose to help.
  • mine was stopping lee from turning
  • Mine was taking Clem to crawford. I didn't want her to come with me, but I didn't feel like leaving her was a good option either.

    In the end I left her in the house with Omid, thinking that at least she could hide somewhere.
  • For me it was saving Doug or Carley, of all the choices that one felt like it had the greatest impact on the game. Also it was a genuine example of deciding who shall live and who shall die.
  • Actually the hardest decisions for me weren't listed here: Many conversations with Clementine. I always felt like every little detail is important to let her grow into a more or less normal woman.
    Apart from that I'm with most of the voted ones so far: Taking Clem to Crawford or leaving her in the house (I left her in the end) and removing Lee's arm (which I did).
    I also think the "Chop off David's leg" one was hard as well. I really tried every possible option (and were very mad that Lee threw the stone at the chain instead of using it to block the trap...are you serious?) and when I finally decided there's no other way there wasn't enough time left. So I chopped the poor guy's leg a few times and couldn't even finish it in time, leaving him there after he suffered so much. That was the only time I couldn't bring myself to go on like that and reload.

    In the case of "Doug of Carley" I honestly thought that Carleys situation didn't look nearly as bad as Doug's, so it wasn't really a decision who I want to save, but who looked like they actually needed help to me.
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