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Why didnt they give us a option to tell Clem you love her

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i would have loved to tell her that i was kinda mad when we didnt get that option
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  • I was waiting for it too. But really, it may have come across as a little trite if they had actually put the option in. Plus, nearly everyone would have picked it. In the end, it didn't need to be said.

    Plus, "I'll miss you" made me cry enough, thanks.
  • savi;726823 said:
    It was so painfully sad all of it, the whole time she was begging 'don't or please don't leave me' I just wanted to be like, OKAY and get up...I don't know, if I was in that situation I would've said, "Clem pull a Michone, chain me up, cut my arms and my jaw, I'm yours forever <3"

    Still sad...</div>
  • No "......." no epic for me
  • The answer is obvious.

    Because Clementine already knew. Besides, could a little girl shoot the man who just told her that he loved her like a daughter?
  • I wished there would have been an option saying: "Late Happy Birthday"...
  • Brohan;727493 said:
    I wished there would have been an option saying: "Late Happy Birthday"...
    LOL I would have definitely picked that one if I had the option. :o
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Sometimes the most obvious things don't have to be said.
  • I noticed that missing option as well.

    I disagree with the hard asses who feel those words don't need to be said.

    Sometimes it feels good to be validated. To have emotions and thoughts validated. Women..well people like and need that. Especially when dealing with a 9 year old.

    This isn't Kenny, ya know this is a scared little girl, she needs to know that when all hell broke loose she at least had someone who loved her when her folks were zombies
  • I wanted an option for telling her: "Also, being good."

    Dont think everyone'll remember that one. ;<
  • I was hoping for that option too, throughout the entire scene. I thought it's something she would have liked to hear.

    Picked "I'll miss you" since it was the closest thing.
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