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"You have not purchased TWD"

posted by Alex1939 on - last edited - Viewed by 845 users
Another episode release, another problem.

Not surprised. Any estimate on when you all will get this fixed this time around?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Can you please clarify the problem you are experiencing?
  • Same problem here ...
  • I open the game. I click continue. A pop up appears that says...

    "Your Telltale account does not currently have a license for the game. Would you like to go to the Tellgames website to purchase the game now?"

    Obviously I have already bought the season pass. Also, I have tried the suggested fix of having the browser pulled up and logged into my account at TTG but that does not make a difference.
  • same problem here
  • Got this one too.

    Occasionally would get this previously but could fix it by re-starting the game. I have tried that about about twenty times now but no luck.
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We are experiencing a larger amount of server traffic than normal due to the launch of Episode 5 today. Due to this, some requests may be timing out. Please wait a few minutes and restart your computer and then try again.
  • I have tried multiple times throughout the day and have restarted my computer on multiple different occasions before I would try.

    I think what you are really saying is I would have been better off buying through Steam?
  • The worst part about this (from a consumer standpoint) is "I can't even play the game". I can't say "oh well, can't download ep5 because of server overload... guess i could start a replay".

    If I had a friend over and wanted to show them this game and recommend they buy it, I couldn't even do that.
  • Downloaded it last night and it installed fine. Looking foward to playing it all day so tried to start this evening and now getting the you haven't bought the game pop-up.

    After this and the omnishambles with the last episode this is definitely the last game i EVER buy direct from telltale.
  • So if the official Telltale response is "heavy server traffic", does that mean that even if we have already downloaded and installed all episodes, our ability to simply start the game relies solely on Telltales server availability??
    And having said that, does that mean that the game cannot be played (or started) offline?
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