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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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  • Thanks Telltale! I just want to congratulate you on making such an amazing first season, I can't wait for season 2. I wish you all the best luck in your future endeavors. I think your taking story telling in games to a whole new level. Thanks for everything! :D
  • I just finished the game and I would like to let Telltale know that they are bastards, magnificent and glorious bastards. This game was amazing, in over 20 years of gaming I have not experienced a more gut wrenching, and soul shattering story. This games dificulty level is pretty much null, but this was the hardest game I ever played. I physically had trouble begining episode 5 knowing what emotional horrors you might have had in store for me. You left me in tears, you left me wishing I had never pressed start, and you did not dissapoint. I can not recommend this game highly enough, in terms of story you have surpassed any game ever made, you even left most books,movies and tv shows in your dust. I did not just cry at the end of your game, I wept.

    10/10, bring on Season 2!!!!
  • Absolutely loved the game! My only gripe is that I beat the last episode so quickly. A "finale" should always be longer not shorter than the rest of the episodes. I gave it a eight as a whole. Can't wait for the next season!!!!!
  • Vainamoinen;727819 said:
    YES! YES! You saw that correctly!! :D:D:D
    I'm sad I didn't notice that. Sorry but I was too busy holding back tears. :P

    Anyway the entire series and especially the last episode were simply amazing. Nothing better than when a games ending holds up to a already high standard overall. Amazing storytelling, voice acting and just all round awesome.

    I'm kind of sad it ended and we no longer have new episodes to look forward top but oh well. Something this good cant last forever. :D
  • This may be one of the greatest games I've ever played in my entire life, I'm dead serious. It started of smoothly and it was quite predictable, I thought it was great back then though it needed some more action. In episode 2, they show a lot more graphic and frightening content, and in episode 3, they flat out say: We're not fucking around here.

    Many may consider the gameplay style dull, since it differs a lot from any other game on the market. I really appreciate how it's for the most part story-based, and that they focused a lot more on that than on any other aspect. It didn't lack anything, the music was awesome, the graphics were great considering that they made it look like the comics. The highlight of the entire game is the story, and all the decisions/consequences. I have never ever felt so much empathy while playing a game! I love how during the later episodes, you never know what to expect. Anything can happen.. people can die, a walker may turn up out of nowhere. So beware!

    This is a game that everyone should play, it is by far the most emotional game I have ever played, and might be one of the most emotional games to have been made. It never gets tiring nor dull throughout the episodes. Constant action and tension along with great story, dialog and decisions.

    Don't doubt, just play!
  • Absolutely masterful series. That said, I do have a harsh review. I loved the episode, but I seriously need to point out some problems.

    I have six main complaints with episode 5

    1) WAY too short.
    2) It felt rushed/Campman's motivations.
    3) Lee's arm.
    4) Lee's death/zombification.
    5) The epilogue was horrible.
    6) The concept of "choice".

    1) Is it just me? Or is this the shortest episode? I mean, I railroaded through this in what seemed to be maybe an hour and a half? Most episodes reach over 2 hours. Episode 3 had to be the longest. Hoping for a longer experience.

    2) Also the way the story wraps up was rushed. I mean, Campman's motivation made little sense to me. Sure, he says you stealing the stuff led to his family's demise, but was that really enough for him to go through with his Rube Goldberg idea? And how was he able to track them down in the city, Clem didn't have the radio with her. Why the fuck wasn't the Marsh Hotel filled with zombies? And what the fuck was Campman going to do if Lee came with everyone? How could he have possibly beaten Lee, Kenny, Christa, Omid, and Ben? Especially if they were armed? Waaaaaay too many plot holes. Very, very sloppy writing. I would've gladly waited another month or two for a better written story.

    3) I didn't cut my arm off, because in the back of my mind I knew it was absolutely pointless. And low and behold, it was. My friend messages me saying he got Lee's arm amputated and he STILL dies. Thanks for being complete dicks with that one, TellTale, teasing a possible determinant death. Also, Kenny and the others seemed to know cutting it off might help. My question is, why the fuck didn't they suggest that when I first showed them the bite?

    4) I was expecting Lee to die. But the way people were hyping the ending up made me think Clem was going to die too. Not that I wanted that. It's the last thing I wanted. It's just people were saying this was the most heartwrenching thing they've ever seen. So I'm like "Clem must be the one that dies". I mean, everyone loves Clem and that's the only death I expect people to have such a strong reaction too. I love Lee, but still. I guess the fact that I expected Lee to die took a bit of the emotional sting away. I got so attached to him and Clem. I'm glad to see Clem alive, but knowing they'll never be together again makes me much more angry than it does sad.

    5) The epilogue is complete trash. I hate that TellTale keeps trying to be ambiguous. First Lilly. Then Molly. Then Vernon and his piece of shit group. Then Kenny's "death". And then Clementine. Is it too much to give the player some closure? I mean, it is a season, but from what TellTale was saying after the game's success, I don't think they had a season 2 planned. So was this cliffhanger ending supposed to happen or was it added in at the last minute to hook people for season 2?

    6) Choice never mattered with this game. You can feed me that "the theme is helplessness/hopelessness" stuff, but that's some bullshit. It was cost effective and time saving. Period. I was really expecting them to come through and give us multiple endings for this one episode. I could tolerate things like Carley dying and Ben's lackluster death if you save him, as long as they gave me the option to end the game in a couple different ways, but no. It's like being able to choose different types of fast food. You may get a different taste, but it all ends in a heart attack regardless.

    I know I'm coming down hard on a downloadable game that probably didn't have much funding and resources behind it, but TellTale should've never suggested that your choices actually matter and therefore have a profound effect on the story when they really didn't mean anything. Doug, Larry, Carley, Ben, Duck, Katjaa, Chuck, and Lee are doomed no matter WHAT you do. Molly, Lilly, Christa, Omid, Kenny, and Clementine's fates are unknown thanks to a literary cop-out (ambiguous endings).

    They should've just said it's a story and you're along for the ride, but instead it gives the phony illusion of choice. We can argue all day whether it's intentional or not.

    I really hope season 2 is much, much more ambitious and far-reaching. Hope Clem, Lilly, and Christa and Omid come back. Kenny, if he's alive too.

    That said, I still adore the game. It's going down in my top 20 favorite video games of all time.
  • Just finished playing...

    I'm bawling my damn eyes out. Oh god... I didn't want it to end like this. ;___;
  • I've defended this game against other people's complaints, and I have really enjoyed it. However, I was left feeling pretty disappointed by episode 5.

    First off, it was pretty short. That could be forgiven, however, if they hadn't made it so that:

    None of your choices mattered. I didn't steal from the station wagon. So what? The guy is still angry. I chose to bring along Omid and Christa. So what? Kenny still ends up coming along. Does it even matter where you tell Omid and Christa to meet you? Or what you tell Clementine to do?

    I don't know. I enjoyed myself, and I will definitely buy a season 2, if and when that comes out. But I guess all the complaints about your choices not mattering -- all the complaints from my friends, who I disagreed with -- were right. And that kind of leaves a bad impression on me, lowering my opinion of the series as a whole.
  • I really enjoyed the game. I have seen tons of people complaining about the Stranger.

    I actually really liked him. It gave me a chance to reflect on my actions, and what I had done through the course of the game. What seemed completely justified at the time suddenly seems like a monstrously cruel thing to do.
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