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Then who was shadow?

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Fuck my life.

First off, obvious spoiler thread is obvious. If you don't want to know what happens after the credits, please leave now.

You have been warned.

First off, I find it fucking sad that after Clem shoots Lee, she doesn't go with Christa and Omid, like I told her to. Instead, she fucking ventures off into the countryside, alone, armed with the gun she use to off Lee.

She sits alone, contemplating wether or not she should off herself (she picked up and unused round and was shown about to load it)


Two shadows are shown walking in the distance. Clem gets up, contemplates wether or not they are walkers or not, and then the scene ends, waiting for us to rush to XBL in 2013 to pickup season 2.

Could it be Christa and Omid? Could it be Walkers? Could it be the new protagonist of Season 2? The antagonist of season 2? Share what you believe below!
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  • It could be all of that. We'll only know when they make a 2nd season and make it official.
  • My guess is its the new protagonist and someone else, maybe the instructions Lee gives to Clementine at the end of the episode will factor into how she is at the start of Season 2. I mean it could just totally be for the sake of making the 'training of Clem' feel more complete. Originally I thought it was Omid and Christa, but the music choice they use is quite cliffhanger-like. So we shall see I suppose.
  • Its a shotgun shell she picks up, now im no gun nut, but i dont think a 9mm pistol is chambered for that :P

    I think, or hope, its omid and christa - but maybe there still in town looking for lee. The only other two i can think of is perhaps vernon and another survivor from the cancer group - perhaps they got attacked.
  • For me Clem looked kinda scared when she looked into the distance. Is this the same for everyone else?
  • dvg2016;728055 said:
    She sits alone, contemplating wether or not she should off herself (she picked up and unused round and was shown about to load it)
    She picks up a shotgun shell.

    As for the shadows, I dunno, I think it's intentionally ambiguous so we'll be guessing for however many months it takes Season 2 to come out. I'd guess it's Omid and Christa but that's an awfully big coincidence.
  • It's obviously Kenny and Molly
  • That's a very real possibility, actually.
  • LokiHavok;728099 said:
    It's obviously Kenny and Molly
    Kenny dies on my play through :D
  • crysisnova;728104 said:
    Kenny dies on my play through :D
    Like without a doubt? 100 percent? or is it insinuated like everyone elses?
    I have no idea how other peoples' playthroughs went.
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