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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • Wow...yeah i didnt get any save issues upon loading, but maybe i did, because not a single person came with me when it showed what happened previously, where they all came. Its like it choose Opposite of what i chose? Like WTF? ME3 all over again...i have a save where i made the opposite choices of my good guy, im willing to bet it will do the same with this...but man this sucks.
  • Yeah, I'm with some of the other gamers... I had my data wiped during Episode 3 and I won't buy Episode 4 or Episode 5 until TTG confirms this has been fixed.

    I know the majority of gamers haven't encountered this issue (as evidenced by a general lack of empathy towards those affected), so TTG became rather complacent in supporting a fix.

    It's good to see they've stepped up their game (the support forum finally received a proper volume of representative activity during Episode 4). They also seem to be responding to their support email/tickets now.
  • My PC save files were screwed up by just about every episode release. Although this wasn't a game breaker for me it was very disappointing. The decision summary at the end of episode 5 had nearly every decision wrong, and the unkindest cut was seeing Clem wearing the hoodie at the end.
  • Thugnasty28;728042 said:
    I had problems both before and after the "patch."

    I'm actually surprised this has affected as many people as this poll shows. Hopefully this grabs telltale's attention.
  • the poll needs better options....
  • lurchibald;727148 said:
    It's ruined it, Here's my problem, I start up The Walking Dead via steam and click on 'play' it then shows me my list of saves, However, I clicked on 'play' in episode 5 and it came with the pop-up "If you choose to skip the last episode all your choices will be made automatically", so I figure I just didn't fully finish Episode 4 so I click on continue, finish the small bit left (Though I'm sure I had finished it before) and get returned to the menu, I then click on 'play' and it shoots all the way to Episode 5... except now it says "Coming Soon" where it said "Play" before, I click on the "Coming Soon" button and the list of episodes pops up saying each episode is installed... Except for Episode 5! regardless of the fact that moments before (Before I finished replaying the last of episode 4) that same list stated that ALL 5 Episode were installed.

    Seriously, Don't Telltale have QA testers? or is their QA team simply staffed by lemmings?
    Exactly what happened to me on Steam. So frustrating. Will it be fixed? Is anyone from telltale reading these complaints? Should I just go ahead and play episode 5 letting it randomly generate the previous endings or should I wait so I can play my two files where I have played the game doing different things all along...
  • Had this bug happening on me several times today (just like Lurchibald described) and also before in episode 3 where I replayed a bit but then also found a possibilty to fix the bug by coping that prefs.prop. It was annoying, but only because I liked the game a lot.
    I usually don't play games on the first day they come out and I don't remember any game I played to have problems that effected the gameplay as much as here. I just hope the budget for the next game will be bigger, so things can be tested and thought through better next time :)
  • Finished it tonight. Didn't suffer a single save glitch or any other bug through all five episodes.

    PC user here, downloaded straight from Tell Tale, no Steam involved. (Bleh, hate those Steam/Origin/Uplay etc, avoid, avoid avoid!)
  • I tried all the workarounds and none of them worked. I'm not gonna replay 4 episodes a third time to see how it ends, since it took me 8-9ish hours each time. How can Telltale expect people to care about their games when they themselves don't? Have a bit of pride in your work, this should be embarrassing for your company to invest time and effort into making a game and then dropping the ball so badly on things that should be no-brainers for people who call themselves professionals. This is the video game equivalent of completing a minor surgery but accidentally sewing up your wedding ring into the patient!
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