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Kenny ... ( episode 5)

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Why did you have to go and be a hero?
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  • Mah Bro Kenny!!! WWWHHHYYYYYYYY???
  • I don't get it. Why did he have to stay? I was already pissed that Ben was gonna die, I don't understand why he didn't just shoot him and go back to the roof with Lee. What was the point of him dying with Ben? It's just stupid.
  • I think he just wanted to die. He lost his family , he lost the boat and he knew he was losing the only friend he had even if you were a giant douche to him. To me , he just wanted it done with. I wouldn't be surprised if he magically survived though and maybe Lilly will come back to the story since Kirkman's Lilly is different than Telltale's Lilly.
  • ALtho he was kinda over that after finding the boat.
    He no longer had a death wish or really believed in offing yourself when you could get things accomplished while alive.

    His speech with the two suicide lovers was testament to that.
  • Are you fucking stupid ?! How the hell would Kenny have gotten out of all those walkers. He's dead !!! Jesus you people are stupid, always wishing for stuff you know know damn well ain't gonna happen.
  • RickRymes97;728261 said:
    Jesus you people are stupid, always wishing for stuff you know know damn well ain't gonna happen.
    It's not a particularly unreasonable hope that Kenny is alive.

    There have been definitely some worse ones.

    Lee's bite was a scratch and Carly surviving the gunshot to the dome.
    I'm sure there's more denial..

    But... Unlike those two events Kenny's demise was insinuated and was shown off screen. ANd it's the first time a death of an important character wasn't displayed in spades. Also the wording of his fate at the end. Lost could be taken in many different contexts.

    Also tone it down man. Don't be a dick.
  • I hated Kenny, given his past actions, but the events of Episode 5 have given me a ton of respect for him.
  • You must live kenny! Nooo!
  • I mentioned this in another thread but i'll put it here as well. Did it not bug anyone that if Kenny was just going to shoot Ben (the right and obvious thing to do) why wouldn't he just say a quick sorry and get back with Lee. Seems like they suspended logic just to "kill" Kenny off.
  • Well, do we really see him die?

    In my game it looked like he wasted a shot on a walker... though Lee told C/O that Kenny gave Ben a mercy shot.
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