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Who cried during the finale?

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Admitting tears is no shame:(
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  • When Clem was crying and had to shoot Lee, I was watery eye'd. Couldn't help it, it was just so damn sad for her.
  • I didn't cry, but it was a messed up ending; I was disturbed and depressed.

    Great game. 10/10
  • Saw the ending three times . Tears still fall like rain. I thought I'd cry for Kenny and Ben but I felt nothing it was weird.
  • Watch the poll above. No, you're one amongst the X (as I write 58) people who didn't.

    Didn't cry. The game was really sad, I was sad, but not to the point of crying. This is only a story, and maybe for some people it's sad enough to cry, but maybe I'm too used to being sad for real reasons.
    Was still sad. Great game.
  • Unfortunately, due to save game glitches, none of my previous choices (Not taking food, preventing Clem from eating human meat) were registered. No way in hell was I going to go back through on a 15 hour spree and do everything again. Nuh-uh. It would take away the emotional impact.

    So, annoyingly, i simply chose randomized solutions. I chose "leave me" because I wanted her to go as fast as she could, I didn't think about other things.

    Anyway, OT- fuck yes I cried. I cried like a little baby, and I'm fully grown. I have no problem admitting it. I'm the type of guy that won't cry when a sibling/family member dies (Fortunately, I have all my immediate family alive and well right now. I mean grandparents, great grandparents, cousins, etc.) but will cry my fucking eyes out when a little kitten I tried to save dies. So yes, I cried. Lots. TellTale did an outstanding job telling the story, and I'm glad I got to experience it.

    Actually, I didn't cry like BOOHOO WAAAH but I got very teary eyed and I had blurry vision for a few minutes.
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    Had goosebumps and cried when I fought Clem's captor and she … you know. Cried a little more when she almost refused to do what had to be done and I said, that I'll miss her.

    Great game!
  • I have been following TWD since issue#1! If I did not cry then, imagine me now. Gory is the TWD way.*chomp, chomp*
  • 62 persons have no feelings D:
  • I cried like a little girl in the end, burst into tears when Lee said '' I'll miss you '' incredible how just a game like this makes you feel so emotional in real life not just a game but an amazing experience. Sad it has to end there for Lee. And Kenny's death... I'm just filled with sadness inside, thanks to telltale for making this amazing game and I can't wait for Season 2! :(
  • I did expect his death, I am glad that Clementine made it a bit further, though.

    I cried at the ending (and then became a bit angry at the epilogue :P), was nice emotional.

    But it isn't the first time in the game I cried. I cried at the Duck/Katjaa-thing. Really couldn't help it.
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