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What was the last piece of advice you gave to Clementine?

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What was the last piece of advice you gave to Clementine? I am really interested!

Edit: I went with keep your hair short, really dont know why, and to find Christa and Omid.
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  • I said hair to because it was like that statement that like has a significant meaning of like remember what I told you and never give up...either way felt a little cheated with the choices for the last words. I said "youll be fine" but I wish there were more epic choices like "Ill always love you Clem" or "Im so proud of you" etc , you know something about life and the bigger picture.
  • Keep moving.


    You'll be ok. (had to keep her spirits up)
  • I think everyone felt the humour in the 'keep your hair short' and it lightened the sadness a bit, I had a tough time choosing but in the end I ended up telling her that I'll miss her...I still don't like thinking about it. So got dayummm saddies
  • stay out of the cities, and look for Christa and Omid, I'll miss you.
  • Was I the only one a little confused by the lack of an affectionate "I love you, Clem" In there? I mean ... YOU GO THROUGH SO MUCH TOGETHER. Its CLEAR lee cares for her. Why didn't one of them just say it?
  • Stay out of cities... I mean what good came of it? We found her parents were dead and gave her closure. However at the expense of the entire group. Though I guess it would be torture never knowing if your family is dead or alive or worse.
  • The_Cheshire_Cat;727888 said:
    keep your hair natural.

    Do not conform to European standards of beauty.

    Black is beautiful.
    Word up.
  • 1) Told her look for Christa Omid

    2) Stay away from the Cities they dangerous

    3) Ill miss her
  • I went for keep your hair short as it seemed the most light hearted choice.
  • crysisnova;728507 said:
    I'll miss you. :( I was the only dude who said this? >.>
    I said this and keep your hair short. I think this topic isn't about that dialogue tree, it's the one before it.
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