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Favourite Episode?

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What is your favourite Episode out of the series?

Mine is Episode 2; Starving for Help

Creepy as hell episode, knew there was something up with that farm the moment you step into it. Yet you hope your wrong xD but that episode was crazy and my fav.
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  • Episode 3 so much went on and we lost alot of people
  • Mine is 2.
    Mainly because it was such a huge step up from 1 I wasn't expecting it and my mind was blown.
  • 5...mainly because of the epic ending and how memorable it was.

    Though all the episodes stand out in there own right.
  • Order from favorite to least favorite:
    1: EP2
    2: EP3
    3: EP1
    4: EP4
    5: EP5
  • I think it would be episode 4 for me as I found it really creepy and the zombie boy was the most shocking moment. Oh and being able to tell Kenny to go fuck himself was nice.
  • Fezzan;728710 said:
    Mine is 2.
    Mainly because it was such a huge step up from 1 I wasn't expecting it and my mind was blown.
    same, but 3 exceeded that feeling for me.
  • While playing the episodes, I found 1 and 2 the most enjoyable. When I think back though, episode 3 has by far had the most impact on me. I was so devastated when Carley got shot, and I couldn't really figure out all the new people comming into the group - whether I liked them or not.
    I liked Episode 3 much more than for example 5, as 3 was so unpredictable.
  • 3 was by far the best. 4 was by far the worst
  • I'm probably the only one that's favourite episode is number 1. The encounter in the shop when everyone thought duck was bitten, larry and lilly's relationship, killing that suicidal chick that was bitten, everything was epic. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the other episodes but 1 was my favourite! Like a previous poster did, I'll rate mine:

    1. Episode 1
    2. Episode 5
    3. Episode 2
    4. Episode 3
    5. Episode 4
  • Episode 1 grasped me but was bogged down by being the 'adventure' genre. For instance when I was looking for Larry's pills and couldn't get them without going on a seperate mission to get an axe to get a lock to get-- It was exhausting. In other words I felt that traditional frustration in adventure/puzzle games. I never experienced this meaningfully thereafter. The story of episode 1 really grasped me but the numerous transitions to new areas without dialogue distracted me. I would've loved a 'car ride' convo with kenny and his family or a last minute discussion with Carley on our way to the motor inn.

    Episode 2 captured me like it captured most people because it was the first time that we really experienced a 'plotline' and because it felt like we had a cohesive group that was handling issues. Also, due to the large amount of dialogue it felt like I really had an opportunity to personalize my character. It's plot was very engaging and Telltale was very artistic in their presentation of the themes and plot points. The episode had numerous good aspects but by far the best was that they played my 'metagaming' against me. I, like most players, assumed the St. Johns were cliche bad guys in some way and was incredibly suspicious. Telltale did a good job of making me regret that and thinking I had misjudged them right until the end.

    Episode 3 was the longest but felt the most rushed. I didn't have as much meaningful dialogue with the other characters and despite the obvious time lapse between episodes I still felt 'fresh' and felt frustrated when I was thrust into a 'mission' of finding things. The episode was incredibly engaging but it lacked in the thing that made episode 2 so beautiful: a focus on my interactions with the 'group'. Not individual nodes within the group. The group. Losing Carley, Katjaa, Duck, and Lilly did not have the effect that the writer's intended. Such a drastic loss of comfort is meant to shake or startle you and to set you up in an uneasy way but after the loss of duck and aside from the momentary glimpse of the Radio Man the rest of the episode was positive such as training Clem. I loved its content but I did think the writers had the wrong pacing.

    Episode 4
    This episode saw the death of a character we barely knew but that so many seemed so attached to. I disliked Chuck primarily because his 'saged wisdom' came off as uncharacteristic of a homeless drunk. I didn't have the dialogue options to scorn him. Instead I had to accept his characterization of my future with Clem. Therefore his death meant little to me especially because none of the other characters seemed to miss him. I liked seeing Savannah and I loved my interactions with Clementine in this episode. I also liked interacting with Vernon and his group and felt really attached to them. Though the option was never presented I considered letting him and his "invalids" take my spot, and clem's spot, on the boat. I had various motivations but my love of him changed when he mentioned taking Clem away. I didn't think his offer was wrong and wouldn't have put my hands on him but I was highly insulted. As well, he told me I was a liar because I said Clem was my daughter. I don't fault Telltale for this and I appreciate that he had his own opinion independent of my perspective. However- she was my daughter.

    Episode 5
    This was a powerful episode and because it had so much conclusion I want to say it was my favorite. I did dislike some of the ways in which the story was told but I was extremely happy. I didn't want Ben to die but I did like seeing him die how he did. Firstly because it was characteristic of Ben as a screw up, secondly because it made his story more tragic, and third because I liked that some people just die due to (quoting Omid) "accidents". In video games we tend to feel like super heroes and that was a good reality check. I didn't like Kenny's death and thought it was not characteristic of him or our relationship or his relationship with Ben. I did like the moments when we all spoke on the couch but didn't like that it was so brief. I liked that when I referred to Christa being pregnant Omid seemed oblivious but didn't like that when I later said she was "walking for two" and looked at her belly that Omid said nothing. A lot of people thought episode 5 was 'very short' and I think its length was perfect. I would have liked to have seen some of the oversights addressed and the dialogue options extended perhaps double or more. I would've liked a lot more dialogue with the Radio Man, perhaps even an option where I could have argued my case and he actually would have listened. I also would've liked an option where he didn't die (I never fully strangled him, finally Clem shot him).

    Its a hard one because none of the episodes work well alone though I guess episode 2 would work the best alone. I would say I received the most enjoyable experience in terms of content from Episode 2 but that Episode 4's content was the 'richest' and felt very satisfying. Episode 5 would win above all others with no contenders if, and only if, they hadn't kept dialogue so short. I felt like every conversation in the other episodes lasted minutes like a real conversation but everything in episode five felt rushed. I know they were trying to make me feel urgent but it did hurt the presentation of the masterpiece.
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