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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • I found the thread early on about copying the Steam save files over and so on, and have gotten in the habit of doing so with each chapter. It still is very annoying that we've gone all the way through the series and this major bug that totally undermines the central mechanic of the game has gone unaddressed. It was also kind of jarring/sad that after one of the most masterful game endings I've ever played through, I was confronted with another broken generic stats page telling me what percentage of users picked "OPTION 1" or "OPTION 2" when confronted with "CHOICE 1." Seriously elementary stuff here, central to the game's main mechanic and theme, that was completely broken from the start and for some reason never, ever fixed. At least if it's a Steam-only thing, I assume the bug won't be in the boxed version, but considering the total absence of QA on this issue, I wouldn't be surprised if the bug made it onto shelves.

    In summary: Amazing, pivotal, boundary-busting game - game of the year contender, for sure - almost totally undermined by a bug that should have been addressed ages ago, and should have been pretty easy to address (I mean, all it was doing was reading files from a different directory than it was saving to - would it have been so hard to update the directory info?).
  • Thanks a lot ruined
  • Even when "fixing" it by moving files, which I still have to do EVERY time before I boot up the game, it still gives me the occasional wrong choice recap/reference.
  • yeah i wasnt able to invest in it emotionally and personally because all my choices were gone..after about 3 times i didnt want to bother playing each episode over again so i just played the rest with random choices just for the story...but yeah it definitely hurt the game...the whole point was to get attached emotionally and i couldnt if it kept erasing =/
  • Question: why didn't telltale put in their game a splash screen telling gamers to make routine backup copies of save files? It's obvious their code is rubbish on all hardware types (except mobile). They should inform gamers that they should duplicate save files to another storage medium to ensure save states are not lost forever.

    They released a patch (not cheap for PSN or XBoxLive)... they should have modified the splash screen to tell people that their game is unstable.
  • I had Kenny come with me in the final episode even though he stayed actually.
  • SPOILERS: In the final episode, talking to walkie-guy, every thing he said had happened to clem was the opposite of what I had done re: lying, cannabalism, and stealing from the car. SO DISAPPOINTING. -Playing on xbox.
  • I have had to fight with the game's save issues every time I load a game or complete a chapter.

    When I finally lost a savegame when trying to start chapter 4 I gave up and haven't touched the game since. It's unacceptable and if it isn't fixed I'll never consider buying or recommending a Telltale title ever again.
  • I lost my files like two months ago. But I managed to get them back.
    It is actually possible on PC.
  • The only thing it effected for me was my choices, thankfully I have the game on the PS3 as well as the PC. I just wish my saves on the laptop weren't broken.
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