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was anyone slightly disappointed with the last episode?

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don't get me wrong i thought it was fantastic.
the ending i thought overall was very good and was obvious it was coming but i thought the episode was sort of rushed everything happened really fast

but the one thing i expected so much more from was the encounter with the stranger when he tells you that he basically hates you and wants you to suffer as the group stole the food from the car but with me i didn't.

why did he steal and want clementine so badly it just seemed pretty stupid for me but overall this was fantastic

the ending after the credits kinda annoyed me:D when clementine sees two people on the hill i assumed that it was christa and omid as i told them to come looking for us

for me this is game of the year
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  • craigg123;727734 said:
    maybe shes one of the people on the hill at the end after the credits;) (doubt it)

    it would be so cheap if she was a random walker on the street
    They might as well call her "Morinth" if the did that ;:D
  • Too dam short! And the in game choices did not even matter!
  • im going back now and completing them all i just finished episode 1 i will play episode 2 again later on today

    i done my choices differently as i saved doug and didnt give the girl the gun and chose to save duck
  • I can find no fault with Episode 5... except maybe the Ben/Kenny resolution... which seemed a little bit forced.
  • DreadMagus;729019 said:
    I can find no fault with Episode 5... except maybe the Ben/Kenny resolution... which seemed a little bit forced.
    yeah i loved it i thought the game overall was fantastic i keep saying the characters in this game most of them are better than most of the characters in the tv show
  • i liked it, but it felt short.
  • DreadMagus;729019 said:
    I can find no fault with Episode 5... except maybe the Ben/Kenny resolution... which seemed a little bit forced.
    Really? I thought that was great! can you explain?
  • They could have popped a cap in Ben and then both climbed up.

    If Kenny "is" dead, he effectively just "opted out".

    Edit: Note: I'm only referring to the scene in the alley. Ben and Kenny's "meeting" in the back yard was fucking awesome.
  • Ben / Kenny sort of making up did seem forced to me.

    This will sound very 'Oh yeah?' but I was thinking about Ben and what he said at the bell tower after I saved him in episode 4. Part of me really wanted him to be saved and to go on and become something better, but then the rest of TWD doesn't work like that. When he died, I almost didn't want to go and try to help him because I knew at that moment that he would cause the death of someone else. I really wish I had let him go. I know it doesn't save Kenny but, well, you know.

    I think that I felt a sense of disappointment because the resolution of Lee dying and imparting his wisdom to Clem in order to help her survive, coupled with the fact that this is TWD, makes me think that in all probability Clem will be in Season Two and that she will die fairly early on. When death is inevitable and the running theme appears to be 'We all end up alone' - it's not a great experience. If I wanted that I would enjoy reading Thomas Hardy novels.

    Campman was a big disappointment. It was a nice touch that he was the guy whose car the rest of the group looted. Killing him felt wrong, especially when Clem condoned the killing. But I suppose at the end of the World, old morality ceases to have relevance. But his story seemed jarring - it was all a bit moustache-twirling for me.
  • There were only two things, one of which I grew to love in the end, that I was disappointed with. One is the that you didn't get the chance to spend a little more time with the people who choose to go with you at the end of previous chapter before meeting back at the house to resume the same group dynamic.

    The other one is one that I was disappointed with initially, the whole revelation of who the radio guy was, but become absorbed in that whole sequence when you talk to him and getting the chance to finally hear the whole story about Lee's wife and why she cheated on him. It become my favorite plot point in the end because we already had our share of incredibly messed up and cruel villains, so camp man's symbolic inclusion and complexity was a great addition (though still messed up in it's own right).
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