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What was the last piece of advice you gave to Clementine?

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What was the last piece of advice you gave to Clementine? I am really interested!

Edit: I went with keep your hair short, really dont know why, and to find Christa and Omid.
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  • GaigeWSG;728563 said:
    Was I the only one a little confused by the lack of an affectionate "I love you, Clem" In there? I mean ... YOU GO THROUGH SO MUCH TOGETHER. Its CLEAR lee cares for her. Why didn't one of them just say it?
    he wanted to say it but then he froze due to being in pain from the bite and then changed his mind
  • rachellouise85;728561 said:
    stay out of the cities, and look for Christa and Omid, I'll miss you.
    My choices too.
  • Keep that hair short.

    It was poignant in an awkward sort of way...because it was awkward, even.
  • I thought the "Keep the Hair Short" option was to lighten the tone. Instead I sound like an asshole.
  • I chose cut your hair.
    I'll miss you. (Wanted an I love you like a father loves his daughter choice.)
    Find Omid and Christa.
  • 1. Look for Christa and Omid
    2. Keep your heir short
    3. Don't be afraid
  • AceStarr;728671 said:
    1) Told her look for Christa Omid

    2) Stay away from the Cities they dangerous

    3) Ill miss her
  • I told her to:

    Look for Omid and Christa

    Keep her hair short. Sure she could get grabbed otherways but still. Plus telling her while we were in Savannah that it wasn't safe anymore or her seeing the sate it was in at the end of Episode 5 should be enough for her to know to stay away from cities (at least imo). Shes still a kid but she's a smart kid.

    I told her I'll miss her.
  • 1 look for Omid Christa
    2 avoid cities
    3 I'll miss you
  • Look for Christa and Omid. They'll take care of her and raise her right.

    Stay out of the cities. Savannah resulted in the deaths of most of the group and Clem getting kidnapped.

    I'll miss you. A bit of closure, just to be sure that she knew how much she meant to me.
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