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Your Choices for Episode 5 were...?(SPOILERS)

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Hi there people, I would like to know what were your choices for this AMAZING!! :) Episode (The Ones that appear in the stats)

PD: Sorry if my english is a little bad, my native language is Spanish :D
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  • About arm cutting,

    that scene made me laugh hard. Cause it seemed so out of place to me. They are trying not to let the dead in and much time passed, and every useful thing's gone and they out of time and from out of nowhere Christa asked Lee to cut his hand off. Lee agrees and DIY-surgery begins. And it begins realy fast – It's hilarious that Lee didn't finish the sentance yet, but the saw's already half throw his arm. And he swears, and she saws, zombies wait and i dunno, that's so absurd. :-P
  • Kept arm.
    Lost Temper with Kenny.
    Gave up my Cleaver and stuff :(
    Clem killed Campman.
    Continued on to kill me.
  • Kept arm, we all knew he was dead meat anyways and i thought if he had both he'd be able to work better
    Lost temper with Kenny he just pushed me to damn far and i snapped almost threw the controller into the TV
    Gave up all things i had on me
    Clem shot Campman
    clem shot me, i didnt want her to have to worry about a walker me
  • Kept Arm- Not worth it. Plus, the bite was on the arm for far too long for that idea to work.
    Didn't lose temper- Always gotta stay level headed
    Surrendered weapons- Had a gun pointed at me. Didn't really think there was much of a choice.
    Killed Campman- I said I would kill him and that's just what I did. I strangled the bastard till he stopped breathing and shot him.
    Let Clementine shoot Lee- I couldn't let him turn
  • 1. Removed Lee's arm. I thought there might still be chance of saving him, so I went for it.

    2. Lost my temper with Kenny.

    3. I kept my weapons. The guy had Clem and there was no way I was sitting down with him without a weapon nearby.

    4. I didn't kill the stranger, but I tried. I'm assuming he dies when Lee was choking him. I'm not sure if I let go too early or if it was because Lee lost his arm, but I was tapping "A" like crazy and the guy wouldn't go.

    5. I had Clem leave Lee. It was a very difficult decision and I'm surprised to see such a large percentage of people had Clem kill him. After all she's been through I didn't want her to waste a bullet, make a lot of noise, and have to be burdened with killing Lee.
  • 1. Copped dat arm off. I knew in the back of my head it wouldn't work but dammit I can try!

    2. Stayed calm with Kenny. I honestly just wanted to GO.

    3. Forfeited my weapons. He called me a dangerous murderer in the beginning and I decided to try to convince him that I wasn't a monster

    4. Clem killed him. When I was choking him I mashed A like crazy at first but I decided to let go a little. He pinned me and Clem had to do it...

    5. Clem killed me. It was a REALLY hard decision but I wanted it to be over in her mind. Of course her parents were still zombified so it probably didn't help much, but I didn't want her to start thinking one day that it was her fault I was a walker. Again, that probably didn't help much considering she almost DEFINITELY blames herself for the situation in the first place, know what I mean, right?
  • Chopped off arm. Seemed pointless as they should have done that immediately after the bite to save me (like the Hershel-case) but I figured maybe it will slow down the infection-process
    Temper with Kenny - game said I lost it though I'm unsure what I said, I tried to stay calm and reasonable
    Gave up my weapon - He said I should drop everything, and since he had the upper hand I figured if I keep the Cleaver he would search me anyway to make sure and I would be fucked
    Didn't kill Campman - He seemed like no more threat and we were leaving anyway. Plus Clem was watching, we needed to save the bullets and I didn't want to make unnecessary noise
    Had Clem leave me Again, save bullets and make no noise. Also I was handcuffed to the heater anyway, so I was no threat to her anyways.

    Overall I am happy with my decisions, would do the exact same in a RL-apocalypse too :D Now back to replaying and trying all the other choices.
  • 1)Chop my arm off.
    2) Argue with Kenny.
    3) Told Campman we never stole his stuff.
    4) Had Clem shoot me.
  • Kept my arm.
    Stayed patient and cool with Kenny.
    Kept my weapons.
    Killed Campman.
    Had Clem leave me.

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    FreddeN93 BANNED

    I allowed Christa to amputate my arm. But I think it made more damage than it already was. Kenny was as usual pissed at me for not killing Larry in the meatlocker in Episode Two. He refused to support me, and I eventually lost my temper with him. When I met Campman I gave up all my weapons, hoping for a peaceful ending. Ended up choking him to death. I did not shoot him or similar. Finally I had Clementine leave Lee. I couldn't put her through to kill the only thing she had ever cared about in this story. And I guess my emotions for Lee and Clementine's relationship couldn't allow her to.

    The next thing I did was crying my ass off for hours, and decided to replay the entire game to see if I could adjust my decisions a bit for Season Two.

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