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It was nothing more than a great interactive novel.

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This game was enthralling. I teared up. They nailed the endin
g . watching MY lee slowly rest against the radiator handcuffed did me in. Lees redemption. Ensuring her safety was so painfully awesome. But I could of got all those feels from Youtube. And the idea of a different protagonist is not appealing. It's a cash cow.
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  • I completely agree. And like you said thats not a bad thing, or atleast I dont think it is. I love games with a great storyline and not to mention choices really dont matter herego its virtually a movie, but it was a great movie!
  • I for one, don't think you could get the same feelings from a youtube video. While the characters emit the same emotions, you aren't pouring your own thoughts into Lee. It doesn't take you inside his world as much in my opinion.
  • Playing it, you project a piece of yourself onto it - and thus internalize it more.

    I don't think a movie could have pulled this off.
  • I liked it how it is, if you expected a way to save Lee and change things for the better and have read the comics you...I'm sorry, are quite naive, I tried to but to be quite honest with my choices I never expected anything 'better' to come out of it, just the circumstances of what happens to change and that I actually find to be the thing that makes the game so good, this coming from someone who has only heard what has happened in some of the issues of the comics.

    It would be great to have branching plotlines that you could altogether avoid, but then you have to factor in the idea that with TTG having such a small team (I mean jesus read the credits!) I don't know if TTG could have managed to pull off as good a game as they did in that type of setup, I really don't think they would have, and thats if they even managed to get it out before people started to rage on the forums!
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