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Is anyone else nervous of TellTales future productions from here on out?

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I'm sort of nervous to be quite honest.

Telltale was always (at least for me) a studio that had mixed success and made games that were either "meh" or fun to play once.

What they did with the walking dead is set a new standard. Not just for themseleves, but for the whole genre and what we should expect from character development, writing, and narrative. What telltale did with this seris is basically awoken the gaming industry of what a good narrative looks like/should be/capable of.

I'm afraid though...King Quest, Fables...will telltale bring this new found talent that they showed us with the walking dead, or will they revert to there old ways off back to the future, and the horrid jurassic park game.

Right now, tell tale has a new image that stacks right along with the kings of the industry (Naughty Dog, Rockstar, Edios, etc). They showed us what there capable of..but can they replicate it?

Or is this just a one hit wonder?
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  • The Walking Dead is truly one of the best games I've seen these past few years, even despite the pain-in-the-ass bugs which tend to fuck up the experience. I have high hopes for Season 2, but I really hope they pull their fingers out and get around to fixing these bugs. Hell, even had a save 'maker' in Season 2 so people can choose what choices they made on a new save, it would save people the trouble of having to replay every time a bug fucks a save up.
  • This is my first TTG and first episodic adventure game and it is awesome! My only concern is the price. I'd actually like to see an increase in the cost of the game say to like $40 if that allows TTG to retain and recruit the talent to make season 2 just as good if not better than season 1. I'm not made of money either but I do appreciate a well made game and being a very satisfied customer and I have both with TTG.
  • Maybe they captured lightning in a bottle... or maybe they've grown.

    Time will tell.
  • Im glad you made a thread because I am a little concerned. Not trash talking tt here, obviously everyone on the forums think tt did an amazing job quality wise, but it makes you wonder.

    I think there going to really bump up the price imo. They announced season 2 right before episode 3. you dont realease that info that early if there is no room for profit if you get what im saying.

    I feel like they are going to make the storyline more "hollywood" to appease more fans and attract non-walking dead fans.

    It like Madden and fifa (the football game). both have a monopoly on football/soccer games therefore you dont see that much quality enhancements. I feel like tt will just sit back relax and rake in the money and produce a "meh" game.
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