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Can we have an Android port please?

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Dear Teltale!
I have been thinking about buying Walking Dead, but I always hesitate, because I can't really see myself as playing with a "simple" (not literally what I mean!) game compared to Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3 on PC, but when I saw that there will be an iOS port with new touch interface, my heart started pounding!

Only problem is, that I own an Android device, a Sony Ericson Neo V phone with 1 core 1Ghz CPU and Adreno 205 GPU. Dead Trigger with Tegra 3 graphics (water effects+ragdoll effects+advanced lighting) runs fine on this device.

This is how it looks:

image image
image image
(Please note that the minor graphical bugs you see are not present during gameplay, the program used to make the screenshot is responsible for those bugs)

I assume if Dead Trigger can run with advanced graphics like that on a 1 core ARMv7 CPU+Adreno 205 GPU, then Walking Dead could run with minor or no lag at all.

So could you please port it for Android too? Like I said, I hesitated about the purchase of the PC version, but I would pick up all episodes on Google Play, that is 100%.

Please don't let down your fans by making this an Apple exclusive title. That would not just hurt your fans, but also would not be good on financial side. Apple is great, iPhone/iPad are neat devices, however in almost all major countries (including the United States and most European countries) iOS sales are nowhere near Android sales.

Just in the US 51% of smartphone users are Android users and iOS is "only" 32%.

So please make the Walking Dead episodes for Android too :)
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  • It's because iOS is a single standardised OS. Android however has different versions depending on hardware manufacturer, then there's the different hardware specs available. I guess it's just too hard. Especially considering they are running behind schedule already.
  • gtasanevil4;706113 said:
    We want TWD on Android Systems, What more time we have to way Guys?

    When going to appear for android? Rather, it will appear one day?

    Say all what you know please we want it!
    +1... I really want this game :D
  • I don't think it will come out on android because it is varied on too many devices, Sorry.
  • You can Filter out, like said in another thread ( I desperately want an Android-Version, too.
  • I realize that Telltale are opposed to releasing this game on android due to piracy, (what telltale thinks are) hardware issues and the problems with coding into the android OS. Let me point out several things here:
    • There will be piracy on ios, no doubt about that.
    • People will buy the game on android, no doubt about that either.
    • Do you really think Telltale would lose money from doing a simple port of the ios version? (even if 50% of the people who got the game would pirate it) because I don't.

    • I can assure telltale that if this thread is successful in it's format, their expenses for re-programming the game for android will not only be covered but they will earn money for releasing on android.
    • Also, it is hilarious to me that Telltale would even suggest that the android devices fall short of hardware opposed to ios, should I really point out that a galaxy s3 is stronger than the iphone 5, and as strong as an ipad, when it comes to hardware, if anything when they were concerned for weak hardware they should've released it on android rather than ios.
    My following suggestion will prove to Telltale (hopefully, if enough people are up for the simple reply) that their game will make profit even on the android version, because enough people will buy it to justify the expenses of coding it into android (and no matter how much it will be pirated).

    So I would like to suggest this: People who are willing to buy this game on android, and want it to be released on android, just reply to this thread with the following:

    "I approve this, (money I would pay for this game if it was to be released on android)"

    For example

    I approve this, $6.00.

    P.S: It's also possible to leave a range of money, $X.XX-$X.XX

    Please, if you want this game to be on android I believe the way to do this is to achieve Telltale's attention, they're not a company that should have issues porting this over to android, as they've already done so with ios.

    If any moderators or administrators of this forum find this post offensive/unrelated/inappropriate I do apologize and feel free to lock/delete this topic.
  • Season One and Two for The Ouya (Android Jelly Bean based).

    I approve this: $20-25 (per season)
  • who said pirating it was the issue? I heard from a interview they want to have it on android.
  • ICE300;729705 said:
    who said pirating it was the issue? I heard from a interview they want to have it on android.
    I suppose you are correct, seeing as I've seen this:
    Macfly77;644763 said:
    Telltale's crofael posted this in April:
    We currently have no plans to do releases on Android. The main reason has to do with hardware. iOS devices all have a similar profile: there's an easily identifiable minimum amount of memory, CPU and GPU power that we can target from an engine standpoint.

    Now think about Android. How many different Android devices from how many different manufacturers are available? In the hundreds. And for the most part, they are all extremely disparate in their hardware specifications. Between this device fragmentation and the fact that most Android devices on the market are not all that great for gaming, we'd rather focus on making our engine better on the platforms we already do support.

    All that being said, I'm a programmer and so I'm not up to speed on what our sales and marketing plans are for the future, so it's entirely possible that at some point we'll start putting our games on Android. But in the meantime I'm afraid it's not in the cards.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :/
    I suppose it is a programming/coding issue than, nevertheless this topic will support the android release, if you spend much money on coding we will buy it for a higher price, not that it should be a major issue, seeing as all they have to do is re-program the game to fit with the android code, I agree it's not simple but it's been done before and I believe telltale are capable of this.
  • ICE300;729705 said:
    who said pirating it was the issue? I heard from a interview they want to have it on android.
    Thanks for the information, I've checked it out, you are correct.
    I've made wrong assumptions due to a comment somewhere.
    Although as it stands, I'm pretty positive they are not planning a release on android
  • Good luck bro. I started a thread trying to get it on the PSVita but I'm getting no love. Lol oh well you would think they would do it but I guess there's something about IOS that makes it better than android and the Vita. $$$$
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