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How did **** know **** was ****?(SPOILERS EPISODE 5 kinda)

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How did Lee known Christa was pregnant? I guess the puking might have gave it away, but at the last scene we see Christa and Omid Lee says something to Christa like "since your carrying one" when they're trying to decide who should cross first. Was there a conversation I didn't get where they talk about her being pregnant or what?
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  • I thought the same thing.Maybe Lee has some sixth sense of knowing when someone is pregnant?
  • the same way we knew she was pregnant, he knew she was pregnant.
  • How do we know that she was pregnant? I didn't catch on to anything about that?
  • The way Omid and Christa talk when you first meet them, Christa's motherly attitude towards Clem, her sickness at the house and how she recognizes the sonogram in Crawford. Things like that all but pointed it out for me.
  • There were a bunch of hints in Episode 4 about Christa being pregnant. I was surprised that we couldn't talk to her about it back in Crawford.
  • I'm surprised that people missed all those very blunt hints about her being pregnant, it was totally obvious from the beginning she entered. The thing that shocked me most was how she downed that whiskey.... and when they were jumping to the building she slammed her stomach against the side when she clung on, can you say aboortion~
  • There's also an option right before you climb the McCabe sign where you say "you two will be great for her" and then "What's up with you?" or something along those lines, where Lee makes it pretty obvious that he knows something is up, while Christa denies it. Then the "you're walking for two" line makes a little more sense.
  • Wow, I never realized until I read this thread...
  • there were sooooooooooooo many signs of her being pregnant all the way through EP3 and enormously in EP4. Lee would have been an absolute moron if he didn't catch that.
  • Wow, I didn't even see it? I didn't like Chrissa at the start so became less keen about her.
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