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The 2 people at the ending-scene are NOT christa&omid (Proof inside)

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Okay so everyone seems to think the 2 people walking in the distance are Christa and Omid. Clearly they are not.

Here is what the game shows you:


We see 2 silhouettes, one tall slim person and behind that person 1 smaller fat person. Now you might think the "fat" person might be Christa with her pregnant belly but if you paid any attention whatsoever you would notice that christa is far taller than Omid:


That's why the 2 people in the end can not be Christa and Omid.
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  • Look at his arm the shadow extends straight from his wrist to his shoulder, also if he was indeed fat his belly would be visible under the shadow of the wrist. It doesnt.

    Its a side view its almost all the way straight until it reaches his wrist, how is that figure fat?

    His left arm does the exact same thing. I am looking at the zoomed in picture.
  • OMG I just realized this! If you look closely the person on the right is in a banana suit and he/she has a pet penguin following her! What do you guys think clem will do with the penguin? pet? dinner?
  • I just thought he was hunched over...
  • dubesor;729769 said:
    still wouldn't explain why the small one is so fat. And it's not his arm, unless his arm has the width of his waist. Omid is skinny
    You see fat, I see arms set for stride.
  • So we're supposed take this solid due to graphical shapes of the characters? I'm sorry, but there has to be a lot more evidence to show that those two aren't Christa and Omid.

    I did not hide a "Belly" with the arm sketch, it was literally thin air there. He was walking with his arms flowing out. If you look at the picture properly you can even see the cuffs on omids jacket. Now if it is omid who knows, but whoever they are they certainly are not fat.
  • maybe. it's way too pixely to see anything besides the height anyway. Oh doesn't matter. Was a shitty ending anyway.
  • dubesor;729820 said:
    maybe. it's way too pixely to see anything besides the height anyway. Oh doesn't matter. Was a shitty ending anyway.
    I disagree. Cliff hangers can be frustrating but they let you know there is more to come at least. I would like to see season 2 with Clem a little more grown up, teenager perhaps, on the run doing the things Lee taught her to do. Being in a situation like she has been will kill her quickly or mature her, and in Season 2 I feel like that needs to be something Tell Tale deals with.
    I am with Kirby though now, I think it is a penguin but not a bananna. Maybe a pickle...
  • Okay from a guy who actually does rigging and 3d modelling. From a huge distance, models start to distort to the naked eye, and the most discernable characteristics become the most obvious.

    Omid is wearing a BAGGY JACKET and is short. Christa is wearing a TIGHT WINDBREAKER and is tall.

    Omid's movements are more long and the size and bulk of his jacket does not change. While they may change it later in Season Two if they choose to, That IS Omid and Christa's character Models. Omid is the only character of that stature in the game, Christa is one of the few tall characters, outside of the woman her model was based on. (She shares the same model as someone else in the game)
  • Yeh it was. If it is Omid/Christa, would of liked to see clem safe with them, i hate cliffhangers.
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