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Did we find out anything about the murder?

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That lee was sentenced for? If we did i dont remember it, was one of the things i was curious to know about.

Or maybe its a running thing with the TWD that your previous life is forgotten about in post apocalypse...dont really know have not seen the show/comics.
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  • If you've played through ep 5 and had the convo about Lee's wife, that's about all the information we've gotten.

    Hat's off to telltale for not smoothing over what Lee did.
  • I did in the scene when I was sitting down with Clem's kidnapper on the first playthrough - not the second one, though, so it seems to be choice specific, optional dialogue. (When he asks if you've ever hurt someone, if you say "Yes", then "My wife", Lee gives an overview of what happened.)
  • I think there are also other situations where you can find out more about what happened if you pick the choice to be open about it to other characters like the cop, clem or carley. I knew everything I needed to know about it at the end I think.
  • missed that part about the wife, what did he exactly say?
  • Lee tells them that his wife traveled for work and he didn't like it, so they fought a lot and she was unhappy. One day on his way to work he got sick, so he turned around and went home. Caught her with another man and killed him. Although I have a slight hearing problem, and it almost sounded like he said "killed them" rather than "killed him". But I believe it was "him", since murdering his wife was never mentioned before.
  • Here is the dialog in question:

    She travelled for work. I didn't like that. I wanted a family.
    So we fought. And it made my biggest fear come true.
    I got sick one day on my way to class. Cancelled it and went home.
    Found her there with someone else. Killed him.
    I was mad at her for so long and I can't imagine how much pain she felt.

    Classy Lee. Wife slut cheats on him and he feels bad for her?
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