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Episode 5 ending.

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I get the feeling from a lot of posts that nobody watched past the credits. Make sure you watch past the credits.
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  • I honestly wish I hadn't.
  • I wish I hadn't either.
    I was quite dissapointed.
  • I wished I hadn't either, most disappointing ever, esspecially if you watch again after playing through a totally different savegame with opposite choices.
  • o.O I have a neutral feeling about. How is the scene after credits disappointing?
  • it's a typical weak cliffhanger scene.

    I was hoping the series to end with a nice resume/ending that implement my choices.
  • How could they have ended the game like that?
    What happens to Clem watching those two figures at a distance?
    Is this story followed up through in thier upcoming second season?

    Someone please help; I am trying to do research to give me answers.
  • Well it looks like Clem shall be back and if thats true we shall see who those two people are in the Horizon!!!!!
  • That's left for us, the players to decide.

    Or perhaps Telltale is leaving an opening for season 2.
  • The ending certainly was dissappointing compared to the series, but it still was pretty good.
  • OMG.. this is Mass Effect 3 ending whining all over again.. same small group of people whining about details they didn't enjoy.

    Maybe you should just enjoy it for what it all is: A wonderful experience that is, as announced not yet ended as there will be a season 2. Best bit about an open ending is that it leaves the option open to continue with this group instead of introducing an entirely new group for season 2.

    Seriously.. I should stop visiting forums of story based games as everyone who thinks they know how to write better stories comes on them to whine about how sucky some details or endings are.. sheesh.
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