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Threatening Vernon affects episode 5 drastically... spoilers!

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It would explain why they took the boat if you did. Also, if you left no one at the boat Vernon writes a note of apologies to the group and clementine.
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  • DreadMagus;729292 said:
    I didn't threaten him and he and his people beat the ever-living crap out of Kenny and stole the boat.


    Agreed same thing happen in my play through

    I was nice to Vernon from the start even was kinda nice when he asked for Clem to come with him.

    They still Mike Tyson Kenny LOL:eek:
  • ok let me rewrite this...

    if you treated vernon like crap and left no one at the boat, vernon will give you a letter saying he took the boat for revenge, and lee should've given him clementine when he had the chance.

    this is different from treating him nicely where he acts like this....

    he will write a note apologizing for his actions and says he is only doing it to survive. He wishes the best of luck for everyone and hopes clementine is safe.
  • so the difference between a note and no note is drastic? We have different interpretations of drastic my friend
  • Goddamnit Vernon if I find you in Season 2 even though the new protagonist ``Doesn`t `` know him, I`m killing him off first chance :D
  • They pointed guns at meeeee......... :(
  • if by "drastically effects the episode" you mean "totally didn't change anything but altered 2 sentences" then I guess you are correct.
  • JabbaDaHuttX7;729623 said:
    that's a minor change at best. this episode was really bad at handling consequences, I have to admit. you have no option of even saving yourself and are forced into an ending about redemption and sacrifice. Gah, I've already written enough on this, I know, but... why? This episode could've been so much better.

    I liked the other episodes a lot but this one fell short. Episodes 4 and 5 needed more work... it's like they refused to kill any other character aside from ben and of course Lee just to bring them all back in season two. I can't say I'll be buying the entire Season Two if all we've got to look forward to is another protagonist who has to look out for Clementine instead of focusing on the bigger picture of survival and you won't be able to change the ending of the game at all.
    he still takes your boat either way. not a drastic difference if ya ask me
  • dubesor;729752 said:
    if by "drastically effects the episode" you mean "totally didn't change anything but altered 2 sentences" then I guess you are correct.
    ... like pretty much any other consequence you ever face in this game, amirite?
  • i was nice to him until he wanted to take clem away, then i told him off
    i still got a note saying he was sorry
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