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Who were the shadows in the epilogue?

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  • One of them looked like it had Kenny's kind of stooped walk.
  • WoodMan;729865 said:
    One of them looked like it had Kenny's kind of stooped walk.
    Ben & Kenny zombies :eek:
  • I dont think it was walkers. They were walking with purpose like normal people, not staggering along like a walker would. I'm pretty sure it was Omid and Christa.
  • It is Christa and Omid. *puts fingers in ears*
  • i dont think it was omid and christa, it looked like them but then Clem gasped as they got closer.
  • Dracosh;729846 said:
    Christa and Omid. Not because of any logical reason, but because I just want them to find Clementine and live happily ever after even if that defies any Walking Dead logic.

    It HAS to be a depressing ending where people die and suffer, since life itself is full of pleasure and happiness nowadays. Just watch the news. Happiness everywhere! People don't go bombing or shooting each other for ridiculous reasons, child abusers and sexual offenders all turned allright all of a sudden, corrupt politicians are honest people now and hey look, poverty and crime are now gone forever! Everybody got a great job and is living the american dream, so let's pour some distress and depression in our leasure time activities, since the world itself is a way too nice and cheerful place!

    Oh boy, can't wait for Rick Grimes to pass away in a painful, cruel and unnecessarily depressing way! Good times.
  • Can't someone look into the game files and check if it's Omid and Christa?
  • I watched that scene and a feeling of familiarity spread over me that I couldn't place. I went to sleep and this morning it hit me

    Around 3:30

    Now it may be entirely coincidental but if not, the suggestion is that what you're seeing is essentially just symbolic.
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    maybe clem will dream when she is asleep.It seems safe like heaven.
  • I voted for Christa & Omid. I hope it's them.
    And sir Ninnuendo, How the heck old are you? :D
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