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Who were the shadows in the epilogue?

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  • I think it was Omid and Christa.

    It will defo not be 2 new characters.
  • I'm 29

    I guess we won't know anything until Season 2 but to me that post-credit scene was pretty ominous. It was far too pretty and peaceful and with that allusion to The Seventh Seal, I think what you're seeing it essentially just a fantasy.
  • thanks for voting guys. I also think it's Christa and Omid and I don't think Telltale would remove the three of the, from the game. Heck, even Vernon and Molly may make an appearance with the possibility of a cameo from walker Kenny and maybe even walker Lee if you let him die alone.
  • I told them to wait by the train for Clementine and thats the direction she was headed in so, Im going to assume that was Christa and Omid watching out for her. Thats the only thing I can live with, not the thought that Clem might still be in danger. Although, that was a pretty cool cliff-hangery moment at the end.
  • I want them to be Christa and Omid but I think it will be two strangers.Because if they were Omid and Christa they didn't need to show them as shadows..
  • It might be just my hope of a somewhat happy ending, but I really do believe that it was Christa and Omid. The shadows fit their character models and Christa says they are going to the country side after all this to get away from cities; Clem ends up at the country side at the end. The way to get there would be to go past the train and into the outskirts, so Clem would arrive at the same location more or less. It's not very far fetched considering there aren't many people there and both Clem and Christa and Omid were going to the same area. I guess having Clem smile in the final scene would make it too obvious and happy for the Walking Dead.
  • "Clem, find Christa and Omid outside of town, near the train."

    *goes to countryside instead*

  • LaserOfOwnage;786679 said:
    "Clem, find Christa and Omid outside of town, near the train."

    *goes to countryside instead*

    *looks like a full night's worth of time has passed*
    *expects 9 year old child to hang around zombie infested train for all eternity*
    *confused when this does not happen*

  • One of them is Lilly
  • When you look closely at the models they are random models that have no significance...
    If it was Christa and Omid you would expect them to use their character models if it were them...
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