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Episode 5 Disappointment (vent here) **SPOILERS**

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Firstly i would like to say great game and a fantastic concept. However the ending i would say is not so great. While it is very well made and certainly tugs at your heart strings, I didn't play the game and wait for the ending only to find out i die anyway... Now i know people may argue that you didn't see lee actually turn so maybe he will be ok, but the fact you left it this way is really a let down to the series. I was really looking forward to the last episode but in all honesty it just brought me down and i kinda wish i stopped playing at episode 4. :confused: There should be an alternative ending where you can at least live... Just my opinion.
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  • - There was constant tension to get to Clem on time and especially with the scene with Ben, trying to help him up when he was hurt. I found it had more tension then most episodes.

    - I think Clem didn't fully believe they were alive herself and it somewhat gave her closure to see them dead. As sad as it may be she can now move on and no longer have to worry for them. Besides the fact that she didn't really have any time to get upset over it, especially being surrounded by zombies with a dying Lee.

    - Plothole but still no reason to hate the episode :P

    - Perhaps thats just you because that guy creeped the crap out of me, especially when he was speaking to his deads wife head in a bag. I honestly loved how they took something I figured to be so unimportant and bit me in the ass with it. When I saw the car outside the hotel I start to squirm because I had stolen from the car and I knew I was going to get hell for it. Really good writing in my opinion.

    - Thats good in my opinion it IS based from the same universe, it's good they link back to it.

    - Same as above also it's just logical...

    - It was used to express the fact that there wasn't much time left for Lee, he couldn't stay bitten for long without becoming weak.

    - I don't understand why that is a point, it wasn't used a lot.

    - I guess you should of saved Bens life then. Would of made a lot better story. My Kenny sacrificed himself and used his last bullet on Ben so Ben wouldn't have to suffer (and Ben was really scared of becoming a walker), and stayed by him so Ben didn't have to die alone. Although I think it was silly for Kenny to not just shoot Ben and leave I think it was great that they finally came to a understand to point that Kenny would do that for him.
  • how can people say this masterpiece was terrible, i cried, you cant say it was bad just because Lee died and you are upset if you are having a strong emotion then the story did its part. are these people trolling?
  • We found out that the attic kid's parents killed themselves, which was good to know but irrelevant.
    Also that isn't true, those were the next door neighbors. I just thought it was kinda sad, holding hands as you died together because you know you'd rather get it done quick then suffer. Kinda...sweet in a way?
  • When Lee covered himself and Clem in walker guts and they walked out into the swarm, did anyone else think it was going to start raining, to mirror the scene from the TV show? There were definetely some dark stormy looking clouds on the horizon as you made your way towards the end of the street. Thought I heard the distant sound of thunder as well.
  • Calling it terrible is unfair, it definitely wasn't terrible, it wasn't as good as it could have been though. I had issues with

    No Vernon and his crew

    Omid and Christa disappearing

    Kenny with a very anticlimactic ending

    Radiobastard had no plan. Seriously, his plan was to ask to keep Clem? And what if you refuse? Oh well... uh... no. The guy didn't even have backup incase you want to kill him.

    The resolution to Clems parents was incredibly clumsy, rushed and deeply unsatisfactory.
  • So AMC using Rick and Co. From the comics means the show is bad right?

    Some people. Can't enjoy the best of the best, for umm

  • short_stack;730027 said:
    how can people say this masterpiece was terrible, i cried, you cant say it was bad just because Lee died and you are upset if you are having a strong emotion then the story did its part. are these people trolling?
    Uh, nobody in this thread said that.

    I for once didn't mind Lee dieing (the ending together with Clementine is one of the few things I actually liked about this episode), although the way he got bit left me unsatisfied.
  • Sithdude78;729454 said:
    Complaining about lack of multiple endings umm when were we ever promised more then one ending. This story is mostly about the small things changing and the choices do matter but it wont change the ending that doesn't make these choices not matter i just means that this was Lees path and now its over.
    "A tailored game experience – Live with the profound and lasting consequences of the decisions that you make in each episode. Your actions and choices will affect how your story plays out across the entire series."
    Sithdude78;729454 said:
    Sides we dont know if these choices really dont matter since they will carry over to season 2 so people are jumping the shark by saying nothing they did mattered.
    Many people posted things like: "I understand it's impossible to make many, many story threads fit together throughout several episodes." That's certainly true. But in the last episode anything was possible. They had the chance to make a gazillion endings based on the decisions throughout the game without worrying that these events wouldn't fit with those other players experienced.

    Instead, you get that cliffhanger which is meant to do just what you said: Create the tiny hope that at least next time your decisions will matter. Well, they won't. If the next season includes this seasons' cast, there will be something happeneing in the first few minutes that renders all those decisions pointless again. Because else they'd have the mentioned problem again that every player has a differently trained Clem.
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    fusedmass BANNED
    I was kinda sad our choices didn't matter who we brought, we were still bitten and perditcable way it ended. They could made it a lot more fun. I think they ran out of gas. It almost got boring.
  • Crusher87;729903 said:
    I personally liked that his hate was driven by one of the choices that seemed irrelevant compared to others during the game, but his explanation made sense. What I did not like however is that he is mad at you no matter what you do. I was hoping that by proving you only did good he would give up on Clementine and commit suicide or something.
    I liked that as well and that's a perfect example. I made nothing but what I believed to be good choices and the guy still blamed me for stealing(I was against it), blamed me for letting Doug die(he probably would've said the same thing if I saved him instead of Carley), and bringing Clementine to the dairy(but I was AGAINST it when we had the choice originally. The group put it to a vote and I HAD to go). Definitely the worst episode. I think the worst thing about it besides my previous statement about choice not mattering is that it was so anti-climatic and forgettable. All I remember is Lee dying. During the fight scene with Campman, there wasn't any music! That really got rid of all of the tension. This is still one of my favorite games but it saddens me that I'm not able to say "Every episode was amazing."
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