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The Walking Dead is a goddamn, straight out masterpiece.

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The first of a new breed of interactive movies, this is as close to a perfect emotional journey as has been achieved on the medium.

Anyone who doesn't get it can whine.

My sincere, heartfelt congratulations Telltale. You so fucking nailed it. I'm still shakin' all over from the finale...
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  • I've always considered myself a heartless guy, but this game gave me a feel.image
  • ieatbrains;729101 said:
    Speak for yourself. Halo 4 is the bomb! Why are you comparing FPS to TWD. That's like saying Doom does not get any play and its a 25 year old game.
    I didn't say they sucked, I own everyone of the games I mentioned. I said they don't have staying power, not a single one of those games stands out in any real way from anything else in this cycle outside of the fact that their tech is slightly better then their previous iterations. And the Walking Dead, it will still be just as good today as it will be in 15 years, playing HALO 4 in 15 years will be no diffrent from playing HALO 3 in 15 years. and of course Doom still gets play, its an inovator, it will always stand out because it set a standard just like The Walking Dead just did.
  • This game delivered a emotional story one which many movies or even books can deliver. All the work which the developers, voice actors, and script writers put in was phenomenal. I pray that in the future games will take a look at what a video games story line can look like, and how it can settle for more than just 'average'.
  • Here, Here! Congrats telltale for making a masterpiece! Not just GOTY, but a top 50 game of all time as well.

    Take a bow telltale, you deserve it!
  • 100% agree, a f*cking masterpiece it is. That is now my favorite game, and it is the first game that has ever made me cry. I was so emotionally attached to Lee and Clem and I've never had that connection with any characters in any other game, EVER.
  • SouthWardRB;729043 said:
    I can't believe I CRIED at a video game.

    Easily the best 20$ I ever spent.
    same here. mass effect can't pull this out. heck, they can't even be compared to each other.
  • I couldn't disagree more and I play games almost exclusively for story elements.
  • Game is a solid RPG in my opinion.

    Other games that own:

    Starwars Knights of the old republic 1 & 2

    This game is up there, no doubt; solid storytelling, drama, characters, puts it up there.
  • Borracho;728875 said:
    The first of a new breed of interactive movies
    i disagree on this point.. Games like Heavy Rain, Fahrenheit even Shenmue back in the day pioneered this type of interactive movie/game thing.

    I'd definitely agree though that Walking Dead executed it perfectly for the first time while the others had issues in various parts of storytelling, pacing etc.
  • True, this is in my long gaming experience, alongside Metal Gear Solid, a masterpiece.

    You can´t see games like this everyday...
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