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Can you blame Clem ?

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I know its a stretch but IMO it really is all her fault. Im still upset that at the end of epi 3 its revealed she DIDNT tell Lee about the walkie. I know as a kid in a video game she gets a little leeway because campman probably said he has her parents but everything else is really her fault. I know you can make an argument for EVERY choice in the game and you can probably make an argument for everyone for being at fault but overall Lee would be alive most likely if Clem did things differently. For the masses that dis-agree, Clem is heard saying sorry multiple times at the end. I mean you have to say atleast a SMIDGE she is at fault here.
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  • I ultimately blame radio man. He is the one who kidnapped Clem which caused the whole search for her which got half of the group killed.
  • I don't really think you can blame it one just one person, or one single mistake. As with most things, there were a number of factors that added up to that result. Clem could have told Lee that there was a guy talking to her over the walkie talkie, sure, but that doesn't mean things would have ended differently.

    The guy claimed that he wanted revenge for the group stealing his supplies - which resulted in his wife leaving with his daughter and getting killed - but even if Lee and Clementine choose not to use the supplies, he still targets her.

    It seems to me that the guy really just wanted a replacement for the child(ren) he lost. So, I don't think you can blame what happened on one single event. Hell, if he never took his son hunting, his wife probably never would have left him when their supplies were stolen. With a series like this, things aren't as simple as "you did A, that's why B is happening."
  • yes, i've always blamed clem. if she would have just used the slightest bit of common sense, she wouldn't have talked to a stranger claiming to have her parents. lee warned her twice and she still didn't listen, ultimately costing him his life.
  • kirby18;728728 said:
    I know its a stretch but IMO it really is all her fault.
    She caused the apocalyps? :-D
  • Many people shared in the blame, with Clementine's mistakes she was among them. It's hard to blame a 9-year old for that though, keeping a kid with you in a situation like that means you are accepting a huge liability.

    It seems she has hardened considerably now though, perhaps it won't repeat itself. Like with Ben. I mean sure she wasn't blameless, but she handled herself way better than him. I mean he was practically an adult yet I don't remember him doing anything positive for the group EVER, whereas the nine-year old kills walkers in stress situations.

    At any rate if we were to play the blame game I'd say it all goes back to Kenny/Lily, those two are mainly at fault for what happened.
  • I guess I got misunderstood. I KNOW shes a 9 year old girl! I know she is going to do 9 year old things like not listen/lie! But still, lee made it very clear to always stay with him. Although she may not be the main cause of it (although shes definetly a part) my main point here is that everyone LOVES her while she is far short from perfect. just sayin #ForClementine
  • Dude, she's 9.

    How many 9 year old kids do exactly what they're told? Let alone when scared... let alone in a ZA :p
  • I like how everyone wished Duck dead for being a silly kid, but when Clem goes away with a radioguy leading to Lee, Kenny and Ben getting killed it's not her fault she's young.

    Poor Duck...
  • DrRadon;728871 said:
    She caused the apocalyps? :-D
    Maybe not the apocalypse, but she may be jinxed - it seems that everyone around her ends up dead sooner or later.

    People often blame Ben for Duck's death, but if you watch episode 3 carefully, you may notice, that it was really Clementine's fault. Lee was holding the bandits and zombies off without any problems, but when Clementine hugged him, he lowered his weapon for a few seconds. If she hadn't done that, he would have shot the zombie that attacked Katja and Duck, before it grabbed them.
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