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so many parallels to ep.1

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I mean, as we entered that building at the end, im like hmm, havent seen a man in a uniform like that since the beginning of the game
and the way he regained consciousness gradually was the same

then Lee started, moving along the counter exactly the way he did against the police car

then we have the role reversal, paralleling Clem giving Lee the hammer, Lee passes Clem the baseball bat

then, Lee, handcuffed and injured loses consciousness

in the end i think Clem will be all right because of the final parallel we see
Clem sits down and picks up a shotgun shell (like Lee did), then she sees 2 shadowy figures up on a hill looking down at her, the same way Clem looked down at Lee after he shot the cop

so i like to think that those figures are just like Clem and are going to help her out
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  • I noticed all the parallels and it made me love it even more. I learnt somewhere way back that all good stories lead back to the beginning in some way and TWD did just that :)
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