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Theory about Campman, the St. John's, and the Bandits

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Campman (whatever his name is, not stated) says his son and him went out hunting, but his son never came back and his wife blamed Campman for their son's disappearance. Keep in mind he is lost in the forest, and when he and his wife return to their car their supplies were stolen.

So this implies Lee and Co. stole Campman's family's supplies while they were looking for their missing son. So a kid went missing damn near the same time Lee and Co. met up with the Saint. Johns... Ben, Travis, and Mr. Parker were already together, but what about Jolene's family? Campman said he had a wife, a daughter, and a son. So is it possible that the Saint. John's took his son to trade off as meat, and Jolene was his wife who escaped to join the bandits in hopes of finding her missing daughter again, only to find even more trouble with the bandits?

Probably a long shot here but it would explain Campman's craziness after everything his family and him went through because of of the Saint. John's, the bandits, then Lee's group.

It's a wild theory but hey, Campman's story already doesn't make 100% sense, so..
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