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[TWD] Can't play episode 5

posted by zseriusz on - last edited - Viewed by 343 users
So I noticed that episode 5 came out, I went on the game and noticed that my chapter 5 download space said ''Coming soon''. So I reinstaled all the game from scratch, deleting everything I had before.
Now it says that my account doesn't have a license for the game when I try to get in, but thats not true, I do have my license, I even checked on the official page and it says I do. Please help, Thanks
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  • Same problem qith the license here. I am logged in to telltalegames in any browser, and the games is on my purchases list.

    Downloading the episodes are always a problem... thanks god that every episode deserves because of its quality any effort and troubleshooting :P
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    Same problem
  • i solved it, by reinstalling everything.

    - Copy your Documents/TWD folder to a safe place
    - Uninstall The walking dead
    - Download again from "My games" in the web
    - Download every episode within the game
    - Copy ack your prefs/saved games folder back to Documents/TWD folder
  • Damn.

    This re-install/re-download is not going to be a pleasant experience...
  • I have the same issue. Episode 5 is marked as "comming soon"
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