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Did Your Lee Die An Armless Lee?

posted by SouthWardRB on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
I was like "you know what, it will both wind up with me dying, so, fuck the world, I was born with this arm and ILL DIE with my arm!"

I was an inspirational moment, then Kenny died and I cried from that moment till 12 minutes ago.

(I played it today)
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  • HiggsBoson2142;730812 said:
    If you don't cut if off, you don't black out as much. So I think the armless Lee was actually dying of blood loss.
    Really? That's interesting :O
    How does Lee climb up the ladder at the beginning if you cut off his arm?
  • Sounds about right.
  • I left the arm. I knew it was too late. Lee knew it was too late.

    No point going through an unnecessary amount of pain. It helped when strangling the stranger too.

    I was surprised at the stats about how many people chopped it off though. It made me smile to think about how many people had kept hope that amputation would save him.
  • I kept it. I was scared that it could get annoying. Just wanted to save Clem, that's all... 2 arms were more useful than one.
  • Voted arm. I still had one arm left. Not sure how so many of you managed to lose BOTH and become armless. :p
  • I decided to cut off both arms because I couldn't remember which arm got bit
  • I didn't cut it out. I couldn't. I just try to put myself in his position, it's pretty brutal, it's been some time after I got bit so it's really a slim chance to survive, I couldn't risk it. It would be extremly painful and also I couldn't risk my chance to save Clementine. I mean losing your arm is going to effect you while you search for her, it's a fact, %100. But surviving from becoming zombie was really slim.
  • But...
    the left arm looks pweeeeetyyy
  • Kept my arm, i had a feeling it wouldn't work amputating so why the unnecessary pain? (The virus is airborne so if i died from bloodloss i would Turn anyway)

    Also, i definitely wouldn't part with my arms in this environment! Not when i had to save Clementine from the madman!
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