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Help me fix this file save bug please [Steam]

posted by Omuda on - last edited - Viewed by 637 users
So I am playing on two files, file 1 and file 3. Both were saved as having completed episode 4 with different endings. I've played the game twice and done different things in each episode for each episode.

So I fire up Steam, eager to play episode 5 on each of my two files.

File one says episode 4 and file 3 says episode 3.

File 3 should say episode 4 too but I load file 1 anyway and it takes me to the last bit of episode 4. I press continue and play the last bit it and then the credits roll and I end up at the file menu again and file 1 and 3 now both say episode 4 now...Brilliant. The bug must be fixed...Nope.

I go to play episode 5 and it says "coming soon". What? I thought it was out already? so I check and find out, it is definitely out.

So I quit the game, load it up again and go to choose a file. file 3 now says episode 3 again so I choose file 1 and I can choose to play episode 5 but it asks me if I want it to generate outcomes for the episodes I didn't play.

That's not what I want. I've already completed episode 4 twice on two files and want to continue.

Is there a fix?

This save bug is really really annoying. Telltale need to sort this out. I hope they come out with a patch that lets you choose all the outcomes and then continue playing from where you want because this bug has affected a lot of people. It messed me up before too.
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  • I am having a similar issue where I can't continue to episode 5 with my episode 4 save. My only option is to continue from near the end of episode 4 or start episode 5 with random choices (which I am obviously not going to do)..

    When I continue from episode 4 it starts near the end of that episode.. I've played through it as I did originally several times and it never saves after the credits roll (or whenever it does the final save).

    Is this a known issue? Is there a fix being developed?

  • Also, the reason I know it's not creating the final save state is because when I look at my save, the last time it was modified was last month.
  • Well, I copied the instructions found here and it's working now.

    I've got my save files back and I'm playing the first file which looks to be right. Haven't tested the third file yet:

    Basically you copy a perf.prop file from your username/my/documents etc folder and paste it into your steamapps/common/thewalking dead folder to overwrite the same file already there.

    Detailed instructions are in that thread. I copied both existing pref.prop files into another location too so I have both in case I need them.
  • I think I figured it out... go into:
    \steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\WalkingDead104
    copy the prefs file from there and drop it into
    \steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack
    C:\Users\$name\Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead

    It might just be one or the other but I did both.

    You might also want to make backups of the ones you're replacing while you're at it.
  • Tried play my other file and it was a copy of my first file so I repeated copying the pref.prop file from my documents..etc to steapapps..etc and it works again. I guess you have to do that everytime you complete a chapter?
  • Had the same issue and when starting ep5 I let the game make the choices. Turns out it obviously did save the game and just doesn't know, cause the choices and the flashback were exactly those I made.
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