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Vernon and the cancer survivors

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Vernon is a snake. Took the boat and never told the group about all the walkers coming from the railroad. I hope Kenny(alive) finds them. Do you guys think we will ever see them again? And would you kill Vernon?
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  • Such foul wretches, Vernon and his group. I'd kill them all if i had the heart to do it.
  • I was pretty surprised that Vernon would do that. He seemed like a decent guy. I guess desperation changes people.
  • He left 4 healthy (to his knowledge) adults and 2 kids to die to save his group of old and sick people. I hope he got eaten alive.
  • I was so pissed when I found Ben locked in the shed by himself and the boat gone. Vernon was completely selfish. So him and his old squad can escape. Instead of finding another way out he leaves the pregnant woman, two children and people that aren't at best another ten or twenty years from dieing and leaves them to the giant horde. I was hoping if you left everyone behind you'd find at least one of Vernons crew dead. I really hope he shows up in Season 2, no matter what, I will kill him and his group given the chance.
  • AceStarr;729513 said:
    Like i said Molly has the Real Battery

    Made nosense for her to leave with it and then

    Come back and joke with Lee like she did something with it then hand it to him.

    Molly was Tomboyish and im pretty sure she knew alot about Batteries.
    It made a lot of sense. Taking the battery with her and handing it over when she was back, made sure the group couldn't leave without her. At that time she was still planing on going with them, but had unfinished business to take care of.
  • DrRadon;728845 said:
    You kids do realise that they did the same thing to you that you/your group did when takeing the food at the end of episode 2 right? ;-D Just like the deal with saving Ben in episode 4 or letting the week behind to die like crawford would have don it. Tell tale has got you by the balls. :)
    well to be fair, we didn't actually rob him. he left his vehicle abandoned.

    they knew the boat was ours and we were going to need it.
  • Wasn't there only 3 cancer survivors left?
  • I left the boat with Ben in my first playthrough. I hope his bad luck affected it. Vernon, I thought you were cool man:mad:
  • I personally think the Brie Walker got them before heading to the mansion. either way fuck them old folks. Gonna put em in a home full of walkers and lock it down SAW style. How much blood are you willing to spill. You took from those that trusted you without a second thought. Now we will see what you're willing to give. Live or die old fucks....By the way FUCK u Vernon:p
  • They not only stole the boat, they also cleaned out their stronghold of all supplies. As we know, they had a room full of food. No idea how it could be that they stole the boat and out of the kindness in their heart, they left a note. LOL

    Yea...right! The group was spineless, heartless and incredibly resourceful... LOL.
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