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Who youtubers do you follow to see TWD

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Hey guys! Do some of you follow other YouTubers to see their reactions to the game, and if you do, who?

Personal i follow
Pewdiepie :

Please post who you follow and who you think is the best/funniest/and what ever! :D
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  • TheRadBrad and (on and off) RydarGames
  • Started watching it with thequxxn, then started watching pewdiepies too. My favorite was probably penguinz0's playthru, even though he never finished the game. I wanna watch cry because I know how enotionaly he can get in certain games (to the moon and ib 4 example) :p
  • I (26, male) watched quiet a lot of "Let's Play"-ers and the one I can immediately think of go as follows:

    Pewdiepie - can absolutely not stand him. I hate his fanbase. He is just silly and immature for my taste. I can't stand his type of "humor". To me he is just a clown infront of a webcam. (Flame me go ahead.)
    Toby - I was actually subscribed to him for a long time. But he turned more and more into not playing for fun but only money. He stopped some Playthroughs in the middle of the game because they weren't netting enough views, that's when I quit watching him, also he tries to put on a lot of show and for a game like TWD he is too hyperactive, constantly talking too much which imho takes away from the experience of the game itself
    Nova - Pretty cool guy. I like his style somewhat. But he is a bit slow on uploads. That's why I don't subscribe. No point in watching 1-2 videos and then having to swap to another Uploader or wait for days or even weeks.
    Hannah (Yogscast) - I love british accents. Big plus. But like Nova she is slow on uploads so yea.
    Tetraninja - He seems to pop up a lot when looking for walking dead videos. Watched his first 2 episodes, he seems to not pay much attention and often annoys me when he doesn't catch obvious story plots. Personally seems too unobserving/unintellint to enjoy.
    DanQ8000 One of the guys I found when searching for Walking Dead Let's plays. He seemed like a genuine guy, actually paid attention to the story, often times reacted the same as me and importantly uploaded superfast so I could see the entire episode in one go right after release. So yea this guy currently is my choice.
  • definitely Cry. He is funny and has genuine reactions and emotion i each video. Pewdiepie is also another. He seems to get invested into the games and its characters. Crys my favourite.
  • Watching other people play games is the equivalent of watching someone else eat a piece of cake. Why not just enjoy a slice yourself?
  • Doctanian;731434 said:
    Watching other people play games is the equivalent of watching someone else eat a piece of cake. Why not just enjoy a slice yourself?
    Why not eat the cake and watch someone eat it too? Perhaps it's the foulest cake you've ever eaten, it would be quite a treat to see someone else experience that.

    It's all about reactions, friend(or cracking jokes for some, i guess).
  • Or if you are not used to playing games like this (well horror-aspects/brutality) it really helps to watch someone play the game and thus not having the feeling to have to go through that alone.
  • Although Pewdie gets really into everything, Cry, he has, a way with words...

    And he calls everyone "friend".
  • Zeruis;718371 said:

    This guy is hilarious. Anybody else heard of him?
    Yeah my favourite youtuber :)

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