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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead episode 5 and entire game REVIEW thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about the last episode and concluding thoughts about the Season right here.


(poll rates the whole game, not just episode 5)
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  • I LOVED this Whole episode and Game, so shocking.
    I wonder what happens if you take Ben with you though? In my group i had Christa, Omid and Kenny (Molly is still alive as well for me). I just wonder what happens when they drop the walkey talkie, IF they drop it when Ben comes along.

    There's just ONE thing though that makes me wonder, and i think i'm right.. Is the stranger we saw, Glenn? Now i didn't listen to the whole story of his wife and child and i'm not sure if Glenn had one too (Dont think so) BUT, there was just something about his hair, shaved? beard and parts of his voice, that just reminded me and was similar to Glenn. ALSO he had a fixed Walkie Talkie, which gets me most.
    I think it was Glenn.. Don't know why and it most likely wasn't but, i don't know XD

    Anyways overall it was such an amazing episode, and i was so scared when that Walker got out the chair at the end and nearly got Clem. Especially the way that sculpt on the shelf fell on Lee's head.
  • Gijake1;729475 said:
    When I killed the stranger and shot him from turning, I felt like I was fighting on the wrong side for a bit. :/

    the whole episode i was seeing to the point i can kill this bas***d from the radio. but after the fight and what he told me....i couldn´t shoot him. i dont know why.

    and of course he is the reason why kenny died.
    and why lee gets bitten and died.
    and why vernons group was able to steel the boat.

    without him, my group would have been safely on the water.
    but in the end this doesn´t matter he is dead anyway.
  • Yeah, I also noticed it was extremely weird how Clementine dragged a much larger Lee to safety. I think this is evidence that the writing and general production was rushed. In some ways, this is hard to fault them for.

    Though, with season 2 they may be able to have a more relaxed timetable.
  • The Walking Dead the game. Great story, great gameplay, good cast of characters, and many more. What do you think of the game?
  • Could have been GOTY easily.... but the only award I can give it is BOTY (Bugs of the year)
  • the_killer_ch;731143 said:
    Could have been GOTY easily.... but the only award I can give it is BOTY (Bugs of the year)
    Skyrim was my BOTY for 2011 :p
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    I voted Brilliant. One of the best. and I mean it. But let me be honest: As a game it is mediocre at best. You know, alibi puzzles, no expierence points, no auto heal and cover system and so on. Name a game genre TWD resembles and everyone can tell you why it fails to be good in that particular genre.

    But TWD rocks. I love the comics. The first 100 issues mad me grind my teath, made me laugh, made me cry while the TV show is somewhat boring in my opinion. Okay, I watch Falling Skies at the moment and that one is totally a waste of time. Back to TWD by TTG: The Story has it *erm* lamer acts but all in all it is B to B+ — and I'm not talking of a B+ compared to other video games but for a story presented in animated media (say: film). Some of the characters had their erratic moments but again all in all the character development of the supporting acts was a B+ for me. And for the main characters (Lee and Clementine) A+. They became real while I played. I identified with Lee and really cared for the little girl. Great writing, even greater voice actors — especially Melissa Hutchison.

    Since I had no real technical issues like lost save games or black screens (I only had to wait a little longer for EP4) and it is not TTG's fault that I'm not one of the chosen guest stars of the pre-orderer's lottery I might say: This game rocks and was one of the most impressive experiences I had since I started gaming back in the last millenium. Interactive movies where THE thing at that time but were only a fad for two or three years. The Walking Dead by Telltale Games is outstanding. A game-like interactive movie that is really immersive.

    Can't wait for S2, but please give me a Collector's DVD and the soundtrack.
  • Should've posted a scale from 1 to 10. I'd say I'd give it an 8 really. I just hated that all the zombies look exactly the same for the most part.

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