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Falsely advertised meeting of Rick....

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When this game first rolled out I distinctly remember reading in the overview of the season pass that purchasers of the season pass would meet Rick in the final episode.....


As a season pass purchaser I must say I was extremely disappointed that this advertised meeting was in fact false. However, upon my return visit to the PSN Store I noticed that this is no longer stated...Was it my imagination it was ever even there? was one of the main reasons I bought the season pass! But, there is no longer the mention of it. I feel a bit cheated...and the very fact it is no longer there tells me the creators perhaps promised something they couldnt in fact deliver. Does anyone else recall the meeting mention upon the games first release as well?

I wont say I am disappointed with the game...or that i regret my purchase. It was a compelling story, a very different yet fun game style, and I will be one of the first to purchase season 2 upon release. I cant wait to see what lies in store for Clem, Omid and Krysta. I just expected something I vividly recall being told I would get and am disappointed I didnt get it. Otherwise, GREAT game, and I'm on the edge of my seat for Season 2. Please bring it to us FAST!!!

We LOVE the WALKING DEAD comics, series...and now...the GAME!!!
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