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How have save file glitches affected your experience?

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  • As a programmer, I understand that bugs in software are going to happen regardless of the best efforts of programmers and QA staff. I'm sure Telltale isn't any happier about this than their affected customers -- they obviously care about making games, and want players to enjoy the experience.

    I'm affected by the issue described elsewhere in this thread where I can't continue on to Episode 5 from my saved game. When I try and start Episode 5 it asks me if I want to generate random choices, and if I play back through the final sequence of Episode 4 from my saved game it shows Episode 5 as "Coming soon."

    This is a really unfortunate bug because for me, the continuity of my choices between episodes makes me an active, emotionally invested participant in the story. Without that continuity it's like watching a pilot episode of a television show: interesting, perhaps, but flat. How much fun is a choose-your-own-adventure book if you're forced to open to a random page whenever you read the book?

    My expectation is that Telltale will work to fix the issue, and that they'll review their development practices to prevent this category of issues in the future. I can wait a while to finish the series. Still, it's regrettable!
  • took down my 4 episodes i had completed. Right before i was about to play episode 5 my save file glitched and i lost it all. I still played episode 5 but it gave me random choices and it just wasnt right. Gonna replay from episode 1 and redo my choices and get it done right.
  • To me, it's been more than a minor annoyance but less of a game-breaker.

    I got the Season 1 pack from Steam recently. I'm sure it was buggier back then. I'm still shocked that the Episode 1-2 import bug hasn't been fixed. It happened to me, I noticed it right away during the preview to the next episode. I overwrote my prefs.prop file in My Documents folder with the steamapps copy. I also had to do the same for Episode 3-4, but that looks like a rarer bug.

    I haven't lost data, but I don't like having to place a back-up copy of my save file on my Desktop whenever I make a major decision just in case they're wiped. They haven't been, thankfully.

    I've enjoyed the series and plan to purchase Season 2, but only after it's come out in a full pack. I hope to avoid save bugs that way.

    I know most people are louder when something they've purchased breaks, but three quarters of the people voting experiencing bugs, and over a third of them considering the series ruined as a result? That's really bad. Especially since most people aren't loud and just return the product. Of course this doesn't apply to digital purchases...

    The flag data is stored just in the prefs.prop file, right? They don't get very big. Maybe Telltale could have made a back-up save slot that empties and overwrites the other save slot after being loaded, like the quick save function in most roguelikes. It may have made save-scumming easier but people are already doing that with all the save file bugs anyway.
  • Got a save glitch when Episode 3 was released and then the same happened with Episode 5. Got it fixed pretty fast (many thanks to the helpful community here). Still, I hope Telltale will learn their lesson with those glitches and we won't see them again in Season 2.
  • Ruined it for me.
    Got it during the Steam sale and the save bugs messed up my game two times during Episode 3. Sadly, the fixes provided by other forum users didn't help me.
    I'll wait a bit before playing Episode 1 and 2 for the third time. I'm pretty sour on the game and Telltale right now and I couldn't enjoy playing it. If Telltale fixes the issues I'll gladly play it. If not, well, then I won't buy their games anymore.

    Also, the spelling mistakes in the subtitles really irritated me. Those aren't nearly as embarrassing as the save bugs, of course, but it adds to the picture of sloppy and lazy development.
  • I feel like I spent more time trying to get save games to work than actually playing. Did the version straight from Telltale 1-3, then switched to Xbox 4-5. Had to do workarounds to carry on decisions 1-3, then just gave up 3-5 when nothing seemed to work after spending a few hours figuring out save games for each episode.

    Didn't feel emotionally invested in this game as a result.
  • I wonder if we should add an item in the poll asking whether or not the packaged disc failure on Xbox has ruined people's gaming experience.
  • The game started over and I lost all my progress. Since people report that this has happened more than once to them and they've encountered other game breaking glitches later on, I'm hesitant to continue playing until this has been fixed because I don't want to get all the way to episode 5 and then have it start over again. I have the retail disc on Xbox 360.
  • does anybody have save problems on steam?
    i have been backing up my saves since i heard of the problems, but i have only had minor graphical glitches that fixed themselves
  • I had to start over twice. I was really annoyed and punched a lot of air and threw around a lot of bad words, but the pure awesomeness of the game just made it okay again. As soon as I was able to play through episode 3 to 5, I was a happy camper.

    It took me almost 6 months until I was able to download all episodes and I almost got to the point that I just wanted to uninstall and try to get a refund somehow. But the story is just so amazing and as a Walking Dead fan it's really difficult to disappoint (even though I have a bad feeling about the new Activision game).
    It's easy to get pissed off at Telltale, but they did a lot of patching and I'm sure they were just as frustrated as their customers. No company wants to disappoint their customers, that's like not wanting to make any money.

    The fact that they are making Mac compatibale games is a BIG plus for me. There aren't a lot of companies porting their games to Mac. I'm really grateful for this.
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